What Are Advantages of Using Granite Countertops?

Granite Countertop

What Are Advantages of Using Granite Countertops?

Granite Countertop

In the kitchen, messes happen all the time. Spilled drinks and liquids, messy foods and ingredients are always found in the kitchen. Most of the time they can be a pain to clean up, especially if your countertop is made from tile or another material that is easily stained. At Stone International, we can create the best Granite Countertop available for you at wholesale price. Granite is a sturdy material that makes any kitchen function better and look more appealing. If you are unsure, we can show you some of the best benefits of having granite in your kitchen.

Here are some of the best benefits of having a Granite Countertop:

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  • Adds value to your home: Granite does not depreciate in value, so your countertop will continually be added value in your home. This makes it a great investment for however long you live in your home.
  • Easy to clean: A Granite Countertop is very simple to clean. By using a cloth and detergent your kitchen counters will be cleaned and look brand new again. Unlike tile, which can trap crumbs and bacteria, granite is a smooth surface which makes it easy to disinfect and clean up after a mess in the kitchen.
  • Does not become damaged by heat: Since granite is formed by heat, putting a hot pan or bowl on a Granite Countertop will not damage it. This is perfect if you need to place pans and bowls on your counter while cooking.
  • Stain resistant: Once granite becomes sealed, it will not be stained by anything you spill on it. This is especially useful for homes with children that spill juice or anything else. Having a countertop that stays the same after a mess can be a huge stress reliever and make life much easier in the kitchen.

At Stone International, we can create the perfect Granite Countertop for your home at wholesale price. We import and create all of our products in-house, so you can save up to 20% when you purchase from us. If you are worried about the construction or where to begin, our consultants and installers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, so you will have a new countertop in no time.

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Make your kitchen more valuable and easier to maintain with a Granite Countertop! Call us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here to request a free in-home estimate.


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