5 Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinets You'll Love!

Kitchen Cabinets Styles

5 Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love!

Kitchen Cabinets Styles

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, the cabinets are one of the most important details to get right. When someone walks into your kitchen for the first time, the cabinets are what they notice first. There are plenty of different types of cabinets you can choose from, but there are some that stand out from others and will impress your friends and family. At Stone International, we can help you choose the right Kitchen Cabinets Styles for your home. We have several styles that we think are great for any style of kitchen.

Here are 5 Kitchen Cabinets Styles that you will love:

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  1. Louvered: This kind of cabinet has horizontal slits on the front, similar to the shutters found on windows. If your cabinets require ventilation then this kind of design is perfect for your kitchen.
  2. Modern: For a more minimalistic design, then modern cabinets are for you. This design uses a flat cabinet cover with a single handle for a sleek, minimalistic look. If you want to give off the illusion of more space in your kitchen, then the modern kitchen design is perfect for your home.
  3. Distressed: If you are looking for an antique and rustic kitchen design, then go for the distressed Kitchen Cabinets Styles. When making a distressed kitchen cabinet, we intentionally stain it and roughen up the edges to make it look older and antique.
  4. Custom: If you have been looking and looking for a style and can’t find one, then ask for a custom design. All of our products are made in-house and we can help you choose the right design for your kitchen.
  5. Beadboard: This style imitates the beadboard paneling that is usually found on walls. This is a good style to use if you want to create a cottage style look for your kitchen.

At Stone International, we can create a variety of Kitchen Cabinets Styles for your home. All of our products are imported and created in-house, so they can be up to 20% cheaper than the competition. Usually, the budget is the biggest factor in remodeling your kitchen, and with us, you can do much more with your money.

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For more information about Kitchen Cabinets Styles, call us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here to request a free in-home estimate!

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