5 Holiday Kitchen Decorating Tips

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5 Holiday Kitchen Decorating Tips

Get Your Kitchen into the Holiday Spirit!

It is easy for us to focus on the living room or den, giving them all of the attention during the holiday season. This is often where we keep our Christmas tree, Menorah, or Mkeka during the holidays. However, there are just as many easy ways to deck out your kitchen for the holidays.

With some simple touches like some Christmas bulbs or garland adorning granite or quartz Stone International countertops, you can create a kitchen aesthetic that is truly a holiday masterpiece. Here are a few of our favorite easy kitchen decorating tips for the holiday season!

Happiness is a Kitchen Full of Clean Dishes

A festive dish or plate set is the perfect tool to bring about some holiday cheer. You can hang a collection on the wall, or display some beautiful pieces on open shelving or our beautiful Stone International countertops. The best part about holiday dishes is that you can use them for eating as well!

They ideally serve as an elegant touch for any holiday season. Many use cookies or cranberries to celebrate Christmas, as well as Hanukkah. You can even adorn festive plates with Mazao, as well as Muhindi (fruits, vegetables, and corn) in reverence of a perfect Kwanzaa.

Air out your Dirty Laundry

A kitchen or dining is not complete without towels, napkins, and tablecloths. Transform items you already utilize in your kitchen into festive holiday additions. You can take towels and napkins in your kitchen and turn them into a dual-purpose decoration! For an extra touch, cover Stone International countertops with a festive sheet covered in holiday cheer!

Find Your Center this Holiday Season

Adding a centerpiece to your kitchen or dining table as a foundational piece. This could include a holiday cornucopia, Mkeka mat, or Hanukkah coins. Better yet, adding a tray is a great way to contain the space, easily removing the centerpiece for meals.

Go Above and Beyond

Make sure you don’t waste valuable space above your cabinets. This is prime real estate for festive fun out of the way of the kitchen’s holiday tribulations. Garlands, dreidels, coins, candles, corn, and Zawadi gifts all serve as perfect design demonstrations to show off your holiday cheer!

Just ensure that you don’t fill the space too much as this can appear cluttered or tacky. Select your items wisely, spacing them out across the cabinets for the best possible results.

Food is an Ingredient That Binds Us Together

It is crucial during the hubbub of the holidays to remember what your kitchen is all about; the food! You can utilize the overall function of your kitchen to inspire some holiday décor! Food perfectly reflects the holiday seasons. Some cranberries or festive Kwanzaa corn can inculcate a wide variety of thoughts and memories.

Help Decorate Your Stone International Cabinets this Season!

Your kitchen does not need to lose its functionality for festivity. With our help, you can utilize any number of tips to decorate for any fall or winter holiday in a few simple steps. We hope that our Stone International countertops wow your friends and visitors embellished with some holiday decorations.

The Stone International team takes pride in offering malleable aesthetics amongst our cabinet and countertop fixtures, making them the ideal solution regardless of the time of year. For more information on how our company can help you with Stone International countertops, contact us today!