5 Reasons Why A Kitchen Remodel Will Bring More Value to Your Home

Boost Your Home Value

5 Reasons Why A Kitchen Remodel Will Bring More Value to Your Home

How to Boost Your Home Value with a Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the showpiece of any home. Stove and oven jokes aside, the kitchen often represents the hottest place to be. For this reason, it never comes as much of a surprise that the kitchen remains one of the most important spaces for potential home buyers.

Homeowners may choose to remodel their kitchen for a wide variety of reasons from trying to increase the chances of a home sale to just being sick of an old or outdated cooking space.

Unfortunately, the price tag regarding a kitchen renovation can stop many people from beginning this project. In many cases, it doesn’t matter if you plan a few tasteful updates, or an entire overhaul of the area, kitchen remodel isn’t a cheap endeavor.

Nevertheless, when you consider the potential kitchen renovation has to boost your home value, this could counteract the initial remodeling cost. However, what modifications should you make? How will the renovations add value to your property?

High Cost = High Value?

If you want to entirely renovate your kitchen, you may feel surprised to know that this offers one of the best returns on investment, considering the overall cost. This is mainly due to more and more homeowners increasing demand for the fanciest of chef-style kitchens.

Chef’s kitchens often feature high-end appliances like sub-zero refrigerators and range cooktops. This can actually extend to even fancier additions like warming draws, multiple sinks, etc. Nevertheless, installing a chef’s kitchen in today’s market is a great way to boost your home value by at least 20%.

A Little Bit of Paintwork Can Go a Long Way

We touched on it before; the price of a kitchen remodeling project is pretty steep. However, you can get the most out of your investment by just adding or changing up some color. Even old and outdated homes and experience a substantial amount of appeal transformation by adding some fresh paint in modern colors.

The good news is that paint is also relatively cheap. Additionally, consider utilizing low-VOC paint. This type of paint makes the kitchen more eco-conscious and can alleviate harmful chemicals like benzene.

Energy-Efficient Appliances Installation is a Two-Fold Value

Replacing old appliances with new and energy-optimized ones is a great idea for homeowners that want to increase home value, but still, don’t feel quite ready to sell.

These appliances are what we call Energy Star-rated, and remain better for the environment while consuming less energy. Less energy consumption means savings on your power bill in the long- and sometimes even short-term. Potential home buyers will appreciate the ability to save money when looking at a new home.

Sometimes All You Need is a Modern Touch

One of the first things that people notice when looking at a new home is the quality of the kitchen fixtures. For this reason, changing out old cabinet fixtures of countertops for modern designs is a great way to master a simple and modern look.

Nonetheless, if this remains outside of your budget, you can still boost your home value with some more affordable projects like repainting, refinishing, or installing hardware on your existing cabinet fixtures.

Establish (and Stick To) a Budget

Budgeting is the essential first step in any remodeling project, and basically any ROI project whatsoever. It is essential to think about how much you want to spend on virtually everything from cabinetry to hardware.

Commit to spending the largest portion of your money on the things you won’t want to replace. It is also possible to actually over-update your kitchen area. Unfortunately, this also usually means a staggering amount of difficulty in trying to recoup your investment, let alone boost your home value.

It is possible to remodel a home affordably, so long as you establish and outline a budget that you can commit to.

Boost Your Home Value with Provisions from Stone International

Boost Your Home ValueFrom creating additional space to added efficiency and comfort, no shortage of ways exists that can help you boost your home value. If you need more assistance with a kitchen remodeling project to improve your property value, our team from Stone International would love to help.

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