5 Things Your Kitchen Needs in the New Year

best kitchen renovations

5 Things Your Kitchen Needs in the New Year

Tips for the Best Kitchen Renovations

Considering a kitchen remodel for your South Florida home but aren’t sure how not to overspend? This is a concern shared by many, and only gets magnified as the desire to sell the home in the future increases.

As we turn the calendar over to 2019, your friends from Stone International want to offer some tips on some things you’ll need in the New Year for your kitchen. We hope that the following five things your kitchen needs in the New Year for the best kitchen renovations can set you on the right path.

Realistic Planning

You may already wield some grandiose plans for the kitchen of your dreams. Despite this reflection in many of us, it is essential to plan your remodeling project realistically. The best kitchen renovations involve remodeling your kitchen space with “inside the box” thinking.

Not only will this keep your budget down, but it will help you with resale value. Should you decide on selling the property, a realistic and grounded design is far more attractive to many potential buyers.

Cabinets and Countertops First

The top kitchen modifications to increase looks and function, as well as economic value are cabinets and countertops. It is not a coincidence that these fixtures additionally take up the largest portion of any kitchen renovation budget.

Our company Stone International knows cabinets and countertops as well as anyone.  We suggest seeking out a quality provider of wholesale products for the best kitchen renovations. This can help you acquire a durable, attractive product at an affordable price.

Keep Design in Mind

Always plan out your design before finalizing your purchase. Think about the theme you want to create. While the transitional design is a popular remodeling style, combining rustic elements with sterile modern fixtures, don’t exactly mesh well.

A Solid, Grounded Budget

This tip for the best kitchen renovations ties into planning realistically. Solid gold knobs and pulls will certainly impress. Nevertheless, don’t get too crazy or exorbitant with what you spend.

You will be spending a ton of money on your renovation, so designing some fun and exciting elements remains essential. However, when you decide to put your home on the market, you will experience a substantial amount of difficulty getting your money back on exorbitant investments.

Optimal Usability

Ensure that your design is usable for everyone in the family. Younger family members may not wield the strength or dexterity to operate heavier cabinet drawers and pulls, while older family members may possess limited mobility or capability.

See if you can find cabinet fixtures with simple pulls or no handles at all. You could also install pullout shelves or gliding drawers.

The Best Kitchen Renovations from Stone International

Any kitchen design requires numerous parts and products. Attempting to achieve the best kitchen renovations on your own can represent a daunting task even in the planning phases. For this reason, consider calling in a professional, reliable design team like ours from Stone International.

We work with homeowners to help them achieve the kitchens of their dreams. Our dedicated staff gets the job done right the first time, additionally offering free installation with any cabinet and countertop purchase.

As a family-operated company, we understand that sometimes you need a bit of help to accomplish your goals. We can help you design and implement a brand new kitchen in a hassle-free process. For more information on how we can help with the best kitchen remodels, contact Stone International today!

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