Affordable Bathroom Remodel in Kendall

How to Remodel Your Bathroom Affordably

Bathroom remodeling can fill you with notions of clean, gleaming, sterile surfaces. Unfortunately, it can also assemble thoughts of half-assembled catastrophic disasters. More often than not, a bathroom remodel represents a notably stressful time for homeowners.

The complications that surround a remodeling project mean it can be very easy to mess something up. This situation is exacerbated when you don’t understand how to approach a renovation.

Nevertheless, a bathroom redesign doesn’t need to serve as an exorbitant hassle. With inexpensive bathroom fixture products, in addition to inexpensive renovation ideas, you can achieve a stress-free, affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall.

How Far to Take Your Affordable Bathroom Remodel in Kendall

You could update your bathroom with a stylish vanity or fixture selection. However, with a plethora of routes available, what is the right choice for the price? Your friends from Stone International want to share some of our ideas to help you achieve an alluring, yet affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall.

Surface Alterations

An exceedingly popular albeit easy method to renovate the look and feel of your restroom area is by making surface alterations. You may already like the general layout and size of your bathroom. Once you ensure that the structure that supports your bathroom remains sound, you can make some aesthetic transformations to the room with relative ease.

Surface alterations typically involve making changes that cover, not replace. You should take no shame in wanting to achieve an affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall. By simply changing the aesthetics of the room, you can accomplish this with ease.

Change the Layout

This is a method for homeowners that want a remodel without a full teardown renovation. You may want to make surface alterations but remain displeased with the original layout. Your structural elements must remain solid and reliable.

This method obviously costs a bit more but can help you change around the layout of your restroom. You can do this without entirely tearing down the restroom space or costing a ridiculous amount.

Complete Tear-Down/Remodel

This represents the most challenging form of bathroom remodeling. However, it remains the ideal solution for those that want an entirely new bathroom space. Everything above remains involves in the process.

However, a complete teardown may additionally include replacing joints, wall studs, etc. This cuts into the budget and erodes at the idea of an affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall.

Remodeling Yourself? Or Hiring a Bathroom Renovating Contractor?

Once you decide on the type of affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall you desire, it is imperative to look at the project realistically before making a choice. Do you want to remodel the room yourself, or hire an expert?

For anyone that remains motivated, performing renovations on your own isn’t that tough and is a great way to save money on the budget. Nevertheless, not every remodeling task is created equal.

While replacing a toilet or installing new pulls and knobs is very easy, you may want to bring in an expert to retile a shower or bathroom floor. Assess the projects you can accomplish yourself, as well as which ones to leave to a professional.

The best part about hiring a contractor to handle your affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall is that this professional has likely performed more than one project before. This means that they wield the necessary experience to get the job done.

They will do a large portion of the work for you, and you can rest easy without worrying about potential mistakes. When you do the job yourself, make sure you aren’t out of your depth. Otherwise, you may experience an inferior finalized project, wishing that you left your restroom space alone in the first place.

An Affordable Bathroom Remodel in Kendall from Stone International

Knowing your budget beforehand remains crucial to achieving a pleasing, affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall. Renovating your restroom space may quickly add up in expenses so setting a budget can offer you a direction to take. This additionally ensures you don’t spend too much money.

Provided you can stick to this budget and not give in to temptation, you can easily achieve an affordable bathroom remodel in Kendall for your home. Many complications can arise during renovations, and a professional team can help you go in the right direction when things get difficult.

Stone International takes pride in helping our customers with affordable fixtures and vanities for their bathroom space. We take this further by offering free installation with any purchase. To learn more about our bathroom renovating fixtures and services, contact the professional installation and design team from Stone International today!