Own a Restaurant? How Our Bathroom Vanities Can Add Luxury!

Affordable Bathroom Vanities

Own a Restaurant? How Our Bathroom Vanities Can Add Luxury!

Affordable Bathroom Vanities

Stone International is most known for our kitchen designs. However, our affordable bathroom cabinets, vanities, and renovation successes are also pre-eminently popular services we proudly offer. As one of the leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and countertops, we additionally provide bath remodeling services including affordable bathroom vanities. Our vanity and cabinet services transform the overall look and quality of the most used room in your home, restaurant, or business.

A bathroom is obviously important for any home or business. Unfortunately, they are often pushed aside as if they were one of the least vital areas in the house. At Stone International, we see the bathroom as an integral part of any residential or business property that should always appear put-together and clean. With our affordable bathroom, your bathroom can look modern, crisp, and elegant!

In any home or business, the state of the bathroom can give people comfort or hesitation. When a guest enters your bathroom, the last thing they want to see is dirt, cracked tiles, or clogged fixtures. They may get the idea that you are dirty, or have no care for their health and wellbeing.

A model looking bathroom with a beautiful vanity space can make guests look favorably towards you or your business, with a better overall opinion. At Stone International, we make your bathroom look brand new with a variety of selections without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Designers

What Bathroom Remodeling Services do we offer?

Bathroom Sinks: We have a wide variety of bathroom sink designs ranging from modern to rustic or traditional. The best selection depends on the theme you choose encompassing your mirrors and bathroom furniture. Sink types include Clear Wave Vessel and White Rectangular Sink. There are different types of sink materials as well. These include cast iron, stainless steel, fireclay, and composite.

Bathroom Cabinets: You have a large list of options to choose from for your bathroom. We provide Espresso, White, Off-White, and Cherry Cabinet selections. Our cabinets are custom made, so we are able to design them to fit any specifications you want. For example, a bathroom all your own would necessitate a single vanity. Share a bathroom? Then a double vanity is the better decision.

Bathroom Counters: The counter is the most eye-catching part of the bathroom. This is due to the fact that it can be simple, yet so colorful and elegant. We have several granite and quartz options for the counter in the bathroom, such as Titanium Vanity, African Fantasy Valley, Imperial Gold, and Delicate Ice.

Regardless of your existing designs and décor in your home or office, we can create a bathroom that doesn’t seem out of place utilizing a modern bathroom vanity, vanity top, and accessories. One of the biggest advantages of employing a wood composition is that it’s easy to design and customize. If you have a specific design scheme in mind for your bath renovation, our team is happy to bring it to life.

Bathroom Remodeling

When you picture a bathroom renovation, you probably think of how long it will take to finish, Not being able to access your bathroom for several weeks is annoying, and could turn your off of remodeling. At Stone International, our installers can install an entire bathroom in a week or less!

Our numerous designs, affordable prices, and work time is what differentiates us from other remodeling companies. We can have your bathroom vanities designed and perfectly installed in less than three weeks. Our team is dedicated and hardworking, always delivering expert customer service.

Bath Remodeling Company in Miami

Stone International has been providing South Florida and beyond with the highest quality kitchen cabinets, countertops, and bathroom vanities for over a decade. All of our products are created and imported in-house. For this reason, we are able to offer wholesale prices up to 20% cheaper than our competitors. We take pride in passing on this value to our customers, and strive for a quality product, for a quality price.

If you don’t know where to start, our team can help you in the affordable bathroom vanities process. It can be difficult to remodel your bathroom by yourself. With Stone International, you can renovate your bathroom easier than ever before. We provide customers with a variety of elegant, stylish designs that fit in with any existing tile or fixtures.

Make the bathrooms in your home or business look refreshed by calling us today at 786-930-4722 or click here to request a free in-home estimate! We can help you shop for home cabinets and countertops from the design process to installation! 

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