Bathroom Cabinets Miami

Bathroom Cabinets Miami

Bathroom Cabinets Miami

Bathroom Cabinets Miami

At Stone International, our customers commonly praise us for our kitchen designs. However, our bathroom cabinets Miami services and renovation successes also represent very popular provisions we proudly extend to our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and countertops, we also offer bathroom remodeling services that our customers absolutely love. These services and products include bathroom vanities.

A new bathroom vanity can transform the overall look and quality of the bathrooms in your home, restaurant, or business. The bathroom is the most important room in the home. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that the bathroom is commonly pushed aside by homeowners as if it isn’t important for the remodeling project.

When the Stone International looks at the bathroom, we consider its cleanliness and elegance even more important. With our variety of bathroom cabinets Miami, your bathroom can reach new heights!

Our bathroom vanities will help your entire bathroom look modern, crisp, and beautiful. Better yet, our full-service home improvement team of bathroom remodelers do a fantastic job. We could not be more proud of our team as they bring energy and efficiency to any project for a great experience!

Modern Bathroom Design Benefits

Increase your property’s value: Like any renovation done well, making your bathroom look brand new adds massive value to your property. Adding state of the art sinks, baths, and toilets makes your home easier to sell and worth much more on the market.

Energy efficient: Remodeling your bathroom can even help you save money in the future! If you have not changed the appliances or fixtures in your bathrooms in a while, they may waste a lot of energy and money. Upgrading them with new, energy-efficient replacements can save you hundreds of thousands on your electricity bill.

Adds more space: If you have any beauty or hair care products but possess nowhere to put them, then a remodel can help with just that. By adding more cabinets or freeing up space from unused or oversized features, you will no longer be desperate for bathroom space again.

Luxury: Besides all of these other benefits, one of the main reasons for remodeling your bathroom is for luxury and appearance. Many great new features exist including bidets, toilet seat warmers, sink designs, and more that you can add to your bathroom. When friends or family use your bathroom, they will appreciate just how much better it is than theirs.

Bathroom Designers

What Bathroom Remodeling Services do we offer?

Bathroom Sinks: We provide a wide variety of bathroom sink designs. Our designs demonstrate either modern, rustic, or traditional stylization depending on the theme you choose for your bathroom. Sink types include Clear Wave Vessel and White Rectangular Sink.

Bathroom Cabinets: With Stone International, there is a large list of options you can choose from to use for your bathroom. These include Espresso, White, Off-White, and Cherry. Looking for more space? We can custom make your cabinets to ensure they hold everything you need them to!

Bathroom Counters: The counter is one of the most eye-catching parts of the bathroom. Due to, the fact that it can be so simple and yet so colorful and complex. We offer different granite and quartz options for the counter in the bathroom. These include Titanium Vanity, African Fantasy Valley, Imperial Gold, and Delicate Ice.

Our design diversity, affordable prices, as well as work speed and efficiency that we highly recommend is what sets us apart. These preeminent remodeling contractor services differentiate Stone International from our competition.

We will design your bathroom cabinets Miami completely from start to finish. Then our team can install them perfectly in less than three weeks! Our team is dedicated, hardworking, and always delivers the absolute best in customer service!

Bathroom Remodeling Company in Miami

Attaining a brand new bathroom has never been easier! In the past, trying to stay within a budget while remodeling your bathroom posed extraordinary difficulty. This goes without saying that finding an affordable contract to finish the renovation in a reasonable amount of time reflected this challenge.

However, with Stone International, you no longer need to worry about this. We import and make every product in-house. This enables us to pass this savings on to you while providing you products 20% cheaper than leading competitors.

Our team can completely transform your bathroom into the one you dreamed of. We do this through our savings program as well as our top quality provisions. The high-quality materials we use in these products will last you for a long time.

On the fence about finally taking the leap and beginning a bathroom renovation on your property? Now is the time to act! The Stone International team looks forward to working closely and harmoniously with you to bring your new project to life!

We service customers from Miami Gardens, Kendall, and Coral Gables, all the way up to North Miami. Additionally, our company boasts locations in major cities across the United States including Denver, and Phoenix.

Through Stone International, anything is possible, and for an affordable price. Our company achieved renowned status amongst our customers, serving the South Florida community for nearly fifteen years.

For more information on bathroom cabinets Miami services as well as a brand new bathroom renovation, call 786-930-4722 today or click here to request a free in-home consultation!

Stone International wants nothing more than to help you achieve the bathroom you desire for an affordable, wholesale price. Get in touch with us today or stop by our Miami showroom and see exactly why our customers appreciate everything we do to help them!