Which Granite Finish is Right for Your Bathroom? Come in and Find out Today!

Bathroom Countertops

Which Granite Finish is Right for Your Bathroom? Come in and Find out Today!

Bathroom Countertops

When you think of granite, kitchen counters may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this material is much more versatile and can be used in a variety of areas around the house. One of the most popular uses outside of kitchen countertops is actually Bathroom Countertops. The bathroom is another frequently used household room that deserves nothing but the best in construction materials.

Granite countertops are so popular in kitchens due to how easy they are to clean up. The kitchen counters in any home are frequented by spilled drinks, leftover crumbs, and any other mess you could think of.  However, those messes do not merely contain themselves in the kitchen. There are plenty of messes common to the bathroom area that need to be cleaned up every day.

It is important to make your bathroom easy and simple to clean, especially if you have a large family or small children. Things like stray toothpaste, dried soap, and spilled liquid toiletries are all substances that can bond itself to your Bathroom Countertops and make it nearly impossible to remove.

Add Value to Your Home with Granite Countertops

At Stone International, we offer some of the best Bathroom Countertops on the market for competitive prices. Granite is an incredibly sturdy material that both allows a bathroom to function more effectively and look aesthetically appealing at the same time. Many customers view our wide selection of granite materials and are instantly sold on how elegant the patterns will go with the rest of their bathroom decor.

If you still aren’t convinced, we can show you some of the incredible benefits that come along with having granite in your home bathroom. One of the major factors is that it adds value to your home. Unlike many other materials, granite does not depreciate in value and simply continues to add value to your home as time passes. For this reason, it is a no-brainer to buy granite countertops for your home, especially when you wish to invest in your property.

As previously mentioned, granite is also very easy to clean. Some other materials used for bathroom counters are sensitive and require special products to clean the surface without causing damage properly. However, with granite, all you need is a cloth and some detergent to cleanse your counters. It is not prone to trapping bacteria commonly found on bathroom surfaces and is incredibly simple to disinfect.

Additionally, granite is stain resistant as soon as it is properly sealed during installation. This is a fantastic feature to have, regardless of where in your home you are planning to use the material. It is all too common to find various stains on Bathroom Countertops, and this may be the solution to the issue.

Wholesale Cabinets and Granite Products at Stone International

Not only do we have the ability to create the ideal granite Bathroom Countertops at Stone International for your home, but they are also available at wholesale prices. Our materials are imported and designed in-house, giving you savings of up to 20% off your purchases. Our manufacturers and installers are highly skilled and always produce a magnificent end product.

For the best in kitchen and bath products and services, team up with Stone International. Call us today at (786) 930-4722 for more information on our fantastic Bathroom Countertops or click here to learn how to reach us now!

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