Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Can't Start Without This

Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Can’t Start Without This

What You Need to Start a Bathroom Remodel

Before you spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily on your dream bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider. Without paying attention to these critical factors first, not only will your bathroom have problems in the future that you’ll have to spend more money on, but also your bathroom remodel in Miami simply won’t turn out as well as it could be.


Not creating a realistic, inclusive budget is many people’s first mistake. Home renovations are filled with many expenses, and these expenses can pile up easily. Because you’ll most likely encounter bumps in the road leading up to your finished bathroom remodel in Miami, you need to plan for them by creating a space in your budget for them.

Whatever small, seemingly unimportant expense you’re thinking of right now, you probably need to plan for it. Even if you don’t think you need to, plan for it anyway. If you end up saving more money than you have to, it simply means you’ll have some extra money that you can use towards another home renovation.

Bathrooms are especially hard to remodel correctly because these projects involve many different moving parts, such as the help of electricians, carpenters, tile contractors, and plumbers. To develop a budget, you can do one of two things: hire a remodeling service or professional designer that will budget for you, or create a budget yourself.

The best way you can create a budget on your own is through keeping tabs on every expense in an organized manner. By using a notebook or digital spreadsheet, you can write down or input price quotes from contractors and suppliers. This will help you total how much money you need to start putting aside for your remodeling project.

Piggy bank on top of calculator for remodeling budget

Time Management

Unless you like extremely long renovation periods, we highly suggest managing your time wisely when it comes to redoing parts of your home. Planning for any inconveniences doesn’t just mean budgeting for them, it also means doing as much as you can ahead of time before your contractors come in. Ordering your bathroom products early, such as your sink, cabinets, tiles, and light fixtures will ensure that any delays in delivery do not interfere with installation. For example, if your sink and faucet doesn’t end up coming in time for the plumber, your bathroom remodeling project will come to a stop if other contractors cannot work until that renovation is done. To have your bathroom ready as soon as you can, be safe and order your products early.

Ventilation System

Although this might not be that important when you first think about it, proper ventilation is especially necessary for a bathroom. The best way you can vent your bathroom is to simply install a fan on your bathroom ceiling or wall so that you have more airflow to exhaust steam and unpleasant smells. Without a good system of ventilation in your bathroom, mold and mildew will flourish, ruining the paint on your walls. By having great ventilation, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to fork over extra cash to fix a bunch of unforeseen problems in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel in Miami

Don’t shy away from your dream home, but continue to be realistic with yourself. Our team at Stone International can bring the space you have to life, including your drab, old bathroom. We want to fulfill your dreams and make them possible through our incredible manufacturing and installation. Check out our website for more information on everything we can provide your home with for your bathroom remodel in Miami, and contact us as soon as you can!

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