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Bathroom Remodeling

How to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift?

Bathroom Remodeling

At Stone International, we have and very proudly offer highly popular bathroom remodeling services. These professional bathroom remodeling projects provide complete transformation of the look of your designated area. At Stone International, we see the bathroom as an important part of the home that should always look nice and clean. And with our different bathroom vanities, your bathroom can look modern, crisp, and beautiful!


We feel it is important to keep these important areas of your home up to date, which is why we offer affordable and top quality bathroom remodeling services. Whatever your desires and needs are, we will work with you in order to meet them. Our distinctively different designs, affordable prices, and concise work time is what differentiates us from other bathroom remodeling companies. We can have your bathroom(s) designed completely and perfectly in less than three weeks! Our team is dedicated, and hard working, and guarantees to deliver expert customer service!


Professional Bathroom Design

In order to further help you decide what services you desire from our bathroom remodeling team, we’ve listed the following categories below:

  • Bathroom Sinks: We have a wide variety of bathroom sink designs that are either modern, rustic, or traditional, depending on the theme you choose for your bathroom. Our standard is excellence, but we want the style to come from your wishes! Sink types include Clear Wave Vessel and White Rectangular Sink.
  • Bathroom Cabinets: You have several options to choose from for your bathroom, such as Espresso, White, Off-White, and Cherry. These are just some examples!
  • Bathroom Counters: The counter is one of the most quickest visibly impressive parts of the bathroom, due to the fact that it can be so simple and yet also complex. We have different granite and quartz options for the counter in the bathroom, such as Titanium Vanity, African Fantasy Valley, Imperial Gold, and Delicate Ice.


Miami Bathroom Remodeling

Your entire home is unique, but you spend more time in certain areas of it. Certain areas of your home are just supposed to be more catered to than others. Being in this industry and having the experience we do, our bathroom remodeling team has come to understand this very seriously. For whatever you need, we are dedicated and here for you! For more information and to get started, call 786-930-4722 today or click here.  

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