Bathroom Vanity Designs You'll Love!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Designs You’ll Love!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

An important design aspect to consider for the bathroom is the vanity area. Ensure that you possess enough space for everything you need without cultivating a bathroom space that feels small or crowded.

When beginning a bathroom remodel, a great design is a necessity. However, your budget could restrain this scenario. Ensuring you achieve the most out of your new design is a must/

At Stone International, we can provide you with the best bathroom vanity ideas while providing you with a high-quality product at a wholesale price.

Here is just a sample of the vanity ideas that can suit just about any home:

Bathroom Designs

  1. Double Sink: Do you share a sink with anyone? Then you know how much an inconvenient endeavor this can be. Waiting for the other person to finish when you bide your time to get ready, cleaning up after one another, and also not possessing enough countertop to suit the bath-mates is annoying. With a double sink vanity, this is no longer an issue. No more need you worry about these issues again.
  2. Minimalist: Do you use a smaller bathroom? Do you want to take up less space? A minimalist vanity can suit your needs. By placing the sink atop a single cabinet with plentiful storage, you free up bathroom space while achieving a clean, elegant look. This is particularly useful for a bathroom that is not wide.
  3. Floating: As opposed to using a vanity on the ground, mounting it on the wall frees up copious storage. This is a suitable option for multiple people sharing the bathroom. If other people utilize your bathroom as well, this solution can open up space for them to use as well. However, it does this without adding any unwanted clutter.
  4. Extra Long: Is your bathroom wider than the ordinary restroom? A longer vanity could benefit your situation. This additionally allows you to incorporate a double sink. You can also gain ample space for multiple people to utilize. The longer vanity provides an open floor plan, the added space, as well as doing so without adding clutter.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

At Stone International, we want to help you bring your best bathroom vanity ideas to life. We import, as well as make all of our products in-house. This helps us keep our prices up to 20% lower than our competitors.

What this means is we can achieve more with your budget than the other guys. Our designers and install team look forward to working with you to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

We work closely with you to optimize not only your budget but your existing space as well. The Stone International team can provide you with the materials while adding value to your home. You simply need to give our design team a call, and bring your ideas with you!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas from Stone International

It doesn’t matter why you begin a bathroom renovation project. Regardless, you can find quality fixtures and design services from Stone International.

Does your bathroom boast inadequate space, and you need a new vanity to optimize the floor plan? We provide a vast product selection comprised from our preeminent cabinet and vanity selection.

Our team commits to customer service in every interaction. This begins during product selection, all the way through our professional installation services. For this reasons, the common consensus about Stone International is overwhelmingly positive.

This positive feedback is a result of our commitment to our clients, in addition to our employing quality materials. A Stone International product is not only good looking, but reliable as well, additionally comprised of all wood materials.

With our design and installation teams, making your favorite bathroom vanity ideas a reality is simple. We employ modern technology in the form of our 3D computer modeling software to help you decide on your new vanity.

This software shows our full product selection including the numerous finishes we provide. However, the software additionally demonstrates just how your new selection looks inside of your existing floor plan.

For more information on how we can help bring your bathroom vanity ideas to life, contact Stone International today. We provide free estimates in addition to all of our other great provisions.

Take your measurements, and give us a call. It really is that easy when you enlist Stone International for your bathroom remodel or renovation!

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