Which Quartz Option is Best for you?

Interested in our Quartz counter tops? Find out which option is best for you!
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Which Quartz Option is Best for you?

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Quartz is one of the best materials you can use for your kitchen counter tops. Engineered from high quality stone and made from ground quartz, these counter tops are extremely durable and look stunning when matched with the rest of your kitchen furniture. Quartz is not as porous as other materials, making it very sanitary and easy to clean.

One major pro to quartz counter tops is that it is available in a huge variety of colors. With so many to choose from, you may be finding it difficult to determine which option will best suit your kitchen. Our professionals at Stone International, the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company for your quartz counter top needs, have listed a few suggestions to point you in the right direction:

  • Is your kitchen filled with dark cabinets and furniture? – If you have designed your kitchen around dark pieces (a popular option for homeowners looking to create a modern style kitchen) our Cotton White, Frost White, Milan Grey, Paloma White, Pearl, Starlight, Ventatino, Fiji White, and Iceland are some of the quartz counter tops we advise you to choose from. Bright counter tops such as these are key to adding depth and variation in contrast to your dark furniture. Your quartz counter tops will pop and make for a stunning kitchen.
  • Have you chosen to design your kitchen around lighter pieces? – Kitchens that have cabinets, islands, and furniture in a lighter tone such as white should consider our Bronze, Concrete Grey, Pewter, Sake, Newport, or Zen Black quartz counter tops. Much like kitchens with dark furniture, it is a wise stylistic choice to choose a counter top that will contrast. These dark toned quartz counter tops will add a splash of color to your kitchen and give the room some life.
  • Is your kitchen surrounded by neutral colors? – If you have opted to invest in furniture that is colored in neutral tones such as beige and brown, you may want to choose from our Grassland, Tuscany Cream, Softer Beige, and Milan Grey quartz counter top options. Each of these counter tops will complement your furniture nicely and keep the simple, traditional feel to your kitchen that you have created.

There are, of course, countless options and combinations to choose from depending on your wants and needs. We have listed a few common selections above, but if there is a specific look or atmosphere you are trying to create within your home, our professionals at Stone International are here to assist in designing a plan that best suits you.

Quartz Kitchen

Make the right decision and choose the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in the industry! Call Stone International at (786) 930-4722 or click here to find out how you can have your new quartz counter top installed in your home.

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