Cabinet Renovations in Miami Shores

Cabinet Renovations in Miami Shores


Cabinet Renovations in Miami ShoresCabinets are a vital element for any kitchen. However, remodeling the old cabinets falling apart in your kitchen could be a real hassle when it comes to any limits you may have on time and finances. Regardless of your situation, here’s what you should be aware of before deciding on cabinet renovations in Miami Shores:


The Best Cabinet Styles for Your Kitchen


With so many styles to choose from, it’s no wonder homeowners take forever to choose which kitchen cabinets they should install. The easiest and most obvious solution to this is to simply choose a theme for your kitchen and decide on your cabinetry from there. Walking into a home improvement retailer with no idea of what you want is bound to leave you feeling even more confused about your kitchen than before. 


Even worse, if you end up choosing countertops and cabinetry that don’t match as well as you thought they would, your kitchen could look even more like a hot mess. If you’re unsure of what to do for your cabinet renovations in Miami Shores, our experts have a few recommendations. Shaker cabinets are a universally great choice whether you want a traditional or contemporary kitchen, and we have a variety of shaker cabinets in different colors and tones at Stone International. 


Shaker cabinets are not only functional but also they give your kitchen a clean, fresh look. If you want something classy yet laid-back, shaker cabinets are the way to go. They typically include natural wood finishes, doors with flat panels, and rail frames. If versatility had a grading scale, shaker cabinets would get an A+, which is why they’re so popular. From Orlando White to Espresso to Dark Pepper, we have shaker cabinets in a variety of colors perfect for any theme or color scheme in your kitchen. If you want something ultra-modern and sleek, you could also look into statement-making lacquered cabinets in bright colors to pair with the rest of your neutral kitchen.


The Benefits of a Renovated Kitchen


Even just getting kitchen renovations in general offers huge advantages for your home overall. When remodeling your kitchen, you’ll likely opt for better kitchen appliances, like a more modern refrigerator and LED light fixtures. These types of appliances are way more energy-efficient than older models of kitchen appliances, saving you money, and adding value to your home in case you opt to sell it in the future. Another great benefit of redoing your kitchen is improving the functionality of your kitchen’s features. Cabinet renovations in Miami Shores call for more functional cabinets, such as soft-close hinges in your drawers and cabinet doors. This also improves the safety of your kitchen when it comes to your little ones, as soft-close cabinets give kids time to move their hands out of the way when closing those new kitchen cabinets. Not only will you be happy with a much better-looking kitchen, but you will also have a safer, more functional, and more valuable one for years to come.


Leave it Up to the Professionals


After you finally decide on which cabinet renovations in Miami Shores you would like, you might consider popping on a video tutorial and installing the cabinets by yourself at home. While this seems like the more budget-friendly route to take when remodeling parts of your house, we truly believe that some things are better left up to the professionals. Having professional home renovators and contractors install your kitchen cabinets, or any other part of your kitchen, can save you a whole lot of time and money in the future when you won’t have to fix anything from your own installation job.


 This is especially important if you plan on selling your house in the future. You’ll rest easy knowing those cabinets won’t fall apart any time soon. While you may think you’ve got it covered, chances are you just don’t without the experience and knowledge of a professional contractor. We encourage you to keep adding value to your home by getting high-quality cabinet renovations done by experts. 


Don’t add more stress to your life by worrying about which materials to use for installation or worrying if you’re installing anything right; leave it up to the professionals. Our team at Stone International is here to install any part of your kitchen, and we have the right tools, materials, and experience to do your cabinet renovations in Miami Shores.

Cabinet Renovations in Miami Shores

Cabinet Renovations in Miami Shores


Fixing your kitchen cabinets once and for all is no easy task. It can be daunting and overwhelming, which is why we’re happy to help you at any time. Check out our website for more information about the different remodeling projects we can do in your home, and contact us about any questions you may have!