Cabinet Renovations in Miramar

Cabinet Renovations in MiramarCabinet Renovations in Miramar


Many people don’t think about the cabinetry in their kitchen. However, as the design element that covers the most space in a kitchen, your cabinets must stand out in a good way rather than a negative one. 


When should you replace your cabinets?


Generally, cabinets don’t need to be replaced often — they have a lifespan of about 50 years. However, cabinets often need to be replaced earlier than the 50-year deadline for a variety of reasons.


1: Water damage and mold


If you have wooden cabinets, this is something to keep an eye out for! If your cabinets refuse to close properly, have dark spots, or are larger in some areas (swollen with water), you might have water damage. After all, there’s a lot of water in a kitchen!


Though it is possible to save water damaged cabinets with a complex cocktail of drying out the wood, replacing some parts, and bleaching out stains, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to save it.


However, one unfortunate side effect of water is mold. If you have a slow leak somewhere, you might not find out until the mold has gotten deep into the wood and is impossible to bleach away or clean up. In this case, you will have to replace the cabinetry.


2: You don’t like how they work


Believe it or not, some cabinets are just not very well designed. Whether your cabinets are too difficult to open, the doors don’t align properly, or some cabinets are just way out of reach, you might want to redesign your kitchen cabinets into something that works for you and your lifestyle. There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting with drawers that keep coming off their tracks and cabinet doors that won’t close properly. In this case, it’s best to replace your cabinets and work with your contractor to design something that is right for you. 


3: The structure is falling apart.


In very old cabinetry, many things can go wrong. The walls can go “soft” and become unreliable, and the framing of the cabinets can get too worn to put in new screws without breaking. These signs of old age are a surefire sign that you require a cabinet remodel!


What kinds of cabinets are there?


In the world of cabinetry and design, there are many different styles available. Here at Stone International, we carry both some of the most classic and trendy styles of cabinet today.


1: Shaker cabinets


Shaker cabinets are a beautiful style of cabinet that has stood the test of time. While many other styles of cabinet have fallen out of favor over time, the shaker cabinets have only grown in popularity due to their sleek and minimalist look. They consist of five segments — vertical pieces on the sides and horizontal pieces that go on the top and bottom, paired with a recessed panel in the middle. However, they are a little more difficult to clean, as you have to make sure to clean the grooves of the cabinet.


2: Traditional cabinets


Typically inlaid and carved with beautiful designs, traditional style cabinets have somewhat fallen out of style over the years. However, they are still in demand and perfect for the more traditional household. If you are in love with dark wood and granite countertops, a traditional cabinet is probably the right choice for you.


3: Flat-faced cabinets


This chic modern style has exploded into popularity with the trend of Scandinavian and minimalist design. These cabinets are completely flat, with minimalist hardware. They lend a modern touch to any kitchen and allow other elements of your kitchen to stand out beautifully while making an impactful statement all on their own. 


4: Any combination of the above


Here in Miramar and the surrounding areas, we have quite a few older homes that people want to add modern touches to while still preserving their old-world charm. This can be accomplished at Stone International, where we can work with you to make one of the largest fixtures of your home. We can help you choose one that is in tune with you and your design goals for your home. 


Where to get cabinet renovations in Miramar


Cabinet Renovations in MiramarAt Stone International, we provide a unique service to those looking to refurbish their homes. We work with many cabinet manufacturers to cut out the middleman and provide you high-quality cabinetry at reasonable prices. We never compromise on quality and want to work with you to create your dream home. Contact us to start your design journey today!