Cabinet Renovations in South Miami

Beginning Your Kitchen Remodel by Renovating Your Cabinets

Cabinet Renovations in South MiamiRenovating the kitchen represents one of the most complicated and arduous remodeling projects in the entire home. This is mainly due to all the decisions you must make throughout the process.

The good news is that Stone International is here to help by providing some of our tried and true advice and focusing on the centerpiece of any kitchen or bath space: the cabinets. We can walk you through this with a basic guide that can help you get started with cabinet renovations in South Miami for your Florida home.

Replacing or Refacing Your Cabinets?

You can save money on cabinet renovations in South Miami by electing to reface your cabinets as opposed to outright replacing them. However, you must ensure that your current cabinet fixtures cut the mustard before you make a move.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to achieve a simple kitchen update, or completely overhaul the heart of your home. Deciding what to do with your cabinetry is often one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make.

New cabinets may cost up to 50 percent of your entire remodeling budget. Nevertheless, functional cabinets can often mean the difference between attaining a kitchen space that works, and one that doesn’t. The question is though, if you feel you can’t fit the latest-and-greatest cabinetry into your budget, what happens then?

Many homeowners choose to reface their fixtures instead of completely replacing them. This could involve refinishing, installing new wood, or just changing out with new door and drawer fronts.

In any of these three cases, updating hinges and pulls can help you transform your kitchen entirely and pull the update together. You can also choose to resurface cabinetry interiors as well to give the inside the same treatment.

However, even with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this option, refacing is not ideal for every kitchen. Before you decide on a refacing, it is essential to consider a variety of factors regarding the structure of your current cabinet fixtures.

If your home doesn’t possess high-quality fixtures, to begin with, replacing your cabinets might represent a better idea. There is no reason to throw away good money on a resurfacing when those old, outdated cabinets seem destined for the scrap heap anyway.

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Fixtures

As we mentioned earlier, refacing will only work when the underlying cabinet structure or “bones” remain in good condition. This type of cabinet renovations in South Miami also cannot remedy rusting issues of metal in the cabinets either.

When you choose to replace your existing cabinetry, it is a good idea to seek out a reputable, experienced install team. They will set and level your base cabinets as a critical component to obtaining a seamless cabinet install.

Despite cabinets seemingly like a relatively permanent installation (as it should be), the materials that you select before cabinet renovations in South Miami will affect the final lifespan.

High-quality cabinetry may last up to 50 years in a home. This is an incredibly long period of time, but it is always important to look at such a remodeling expenditure in this way.

Cabinets get exposed to more water, stream, and other potentially damaging elements than almost any other area of the home. They must endure quite a bit just to continue doing their job as we ask.

Before you commit to making an expenditure for cabinet renovations in South Miami, you must ensure that this is the absolute right decision. You may want to replace them because they now seem old or worn out.

Unfortunately, for some others, cabinets prematurely wear, just not lasting as long as expected. However, you can take this as a lesson, identifying the reasons the cabinets wore out beyond repair to ensure that the same mistake cannot occur once again.

Cabinet Renovations in South Miami with Stone International

Finding a preeminent provider and installer for your new fixtures is quite possibly the most essential step to achieving the ideal cabinet renovations in South Miami. This will guarantee you get the right guidance and select the right materials for a durable, long-lasting part of your home for years to come.

If you remain concerned about the overall cost, Stone International understands. For this reason, we offer wholesale pricing and free installation with fixture purchase to help our clients keep their budget costs down.

To learn more about cabinet renovations in South Miami from our team, contact us today!