Cabinet Renovations in West Miramar

Cabinet Renovations in West MiramarA New Set of Kitchen Cabinets for Your South Florida Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet renovations in Miami Lakes may seem like a daunting task. However, with some common, easily-used tools and a bit of DIY know-how, this is a task that many homeowners can actually accomplish on their own.

After all, when you think about cabinets as some storage boxes to hold kitchen fixtures, silverware, and other provisions, you can easily calm apprehension that you may feel related to your remodeling project.

Nevertheless, our team from Stone International wants to help by outlining some of the tools and supplies you might need to make cabinet renovations in Miami Lakes. Make some preparations to begin the installation that we outline in the following content while laying out the work you need to do for an optimal DIY remodel.

Preparing for Your Cabinet Renovations In Miami Lakes

Most modern cabinets ship pre-assembled. For this reason, it is crucial to inspect them as soon as they arrive. This will help you ensure that you received everything you need to install your new cabinets. If your cabinets require assembly, you can start putting them together, but don’t attach your pulls and handles just yet.

Determine the highest point on your kitchen floor. This is important because each part of the installation project will depend on this specific reference. You may discover that the kitchen floor is not perfectly level or flat, as this is very common in older homes.

As a result, your home’s kitchen floor will likely provide a high and low point. This determination will also help you shim a cabinet. Shimming is much easier to do to attain a true level cabinet fixture than cutting the bottom to make it plumb, square, and flush.

Test-Fitting Your Base Cabinets

In the majority of install scenarios, corner cabinets will determine the placement of the rest of the cabinet fixtures. You can check your cabinet layout by mocking up your base cabinets. Begin with the corner cabinets and work your way along the layout. Set the cabinets in place as tightly together as possible.

Once you get your cabinets in place, check to ensure that the drawers and doors fit properly and clear one another during operation. This is also an ideal opportunity to check that appliance openings impart the proper widths and spacings as well.

Unless your cabinet layout reflects a notable flaw, you can adjust your cabinet renovations in Miami Lakes with filler strips. Finally, remove the shelves, drawers, and doors. Mark them and match the cabinets with masking tape to help you avoid confusion when you finalize your installation.

You can begin installing cabinets once your prep-work concludes. Although this part of the procedure may seem like an exorbitant amount of work, preparation ensures that you get the job done right the first time, making the install as easy as possible.

Finalizing Your Cabinet Renovations In Miami Lakes

Position your cabinets properly, shimming the base until the cabinet tops appear level. Double-check your work to affirm that the fixtures are level. If you discover a gap between the wall and cabinets, you can install shims and affix them by screwing the cabinets and shims into the wall studs.

Always drill straight. A common mistake that many homeowners make is running their bit through the front of the cabinet frame. As you work alone, you can screw the cabinets into the wall utilizing the same procedure for each consecutive cabinet fixture.

Once you affix the cabinets, you may need to adjust to make up gaps or space with filler strips. These strips match the wood type and finish of the exterior of the cabinet fixtures. This is due to homes very rarely providing even walls to work with.

Cabinet Renovations in Miami Lakes from Stone International

Cabinet Renovations in West MiramarInstalling a new set of cabinets doesn’t necessarily require professional intervention. Nonetheless, it can take a notable amount of DIY know-how, in addition to some basic tools. The key behind any successful renovation is ensuring they remain perfectly level and plump.

For this reason, our team from Stone International provides free installation when you purchase affordable kitchen cabinets from our catalog. This leaves the hard work to our expert install team. 

To learn more about what we can do for you, as well as our services and products for cabinet renovations in Miami Lakes, contact Stone International today! We want to help you achieve the kitchen you always dreamed of in a seamless, hassle-free, affordable process!