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Before You Redo Your Closet, Read On!

A well-planned closet remodel, or renovation can solve numerous wardrobe and organizational problems while helping you save money. Many homeowners go on a mission to remodel their closets shortly after moving into a new home.

In spite of a generous amount of measuring and planning, however, these homeowners neglect to do something as simple as measuring their clothes. As a result, they may find that their wardrobe remains too long or does not utilize all of the existing space optimally.

When it comes to building a closet (and selecting a closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay) the minute details can matter more than the overview of the finished product. For this reason, you must start your closet remodel from the inside out. After all, a poorly designed closet costs the same as a well-designed one. What matters is how you design the space, in addition to how you utilize it.

Our team from Stone International, a closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay wants to help. While we do offer kitchen, bath, and closet remodeling supplies, fixtures, and services, we also can extend a helping hand with some information on how you can obtain the closet you always dreamed of!

Designing a Practical Closet Space

Only Build What You Need

As you begin your closet remodeling project, decide an approximate size for your closet. You may feel tempted to cultivate a massive space for all of your needs. However, in many scenarios, this isn’t possible.

Nonetheless, by designing a closet space with the help of a closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay, you can create an area based on how much hanging and storage space that you need. In this scenario, even the smallest bedroom can feel spacious.

This will give you enough room for a large bed, a desk, and even more. You might also end up spending less money on your overall remodeling budget than if you chose a full-wall closet.

Take the Time to Get Organized

When you want to maximize your closet space, take some time to group similarly-sized clothes. Don’t waste a single inch. If you possess a group of items imparting a width of over 20 inches when hung together, it is worth it to provide them with their section.

A closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay may also help you on spacing and distance that will enable you to hang rods. Determining the space beforehand ensures that your clothes don’t collide, and gives you enough space to browse through selections with ease.

Consider Ergonomics

Let’s face it; nobody wants to crawl around on the floor trying to find their winter pants and gloves. By designing your space with ergonomics in mind, you will notice that you can find your things far easier. This also makes it easier to keep your closet space clean and in order.

Relying on your closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay to install shelving above hanging space is a smart ergonomic move. Additionally, implementing shallower shelves ensures that you don’t lose things at the back. When you do things this way, you will hardly ever need to reorganize your wardrobe. Your stuff will have virtually nowhere to go!

Smart Shoe Storage

When you already possess a tight space, storing all of your shoes within the closet may seem impossible. However, a closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay can handle this task and likely do so at an appropriate height.

Utilizing a drawer or shelving system enables you to employ the full depth of the closet. This will make your shoes easy to see, as well as access.

Stone International – Closet Remodeling Company in Cutler Bay

Your bedroom closet does not need to bear the brunt of your entire life’s clutter. Although a new closet space can undoubtedly alleviate much of this issue, don’t forget about storing things in other areas of the home. This may also help you save some money on your new closet remodel.

We possess thousands of ways to organize our closets. Nevertheless, your closet is likely as unique as you are. These suggestions represent the first steps you can take while designing your perfect dream closet.

If the design and implementation work seems a bit overwhelming, our closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay would love to extend a helping hand. By relying on our design and installation teams can help you renovate your closet. To learn more about our closet remodeling company in Cutler Bay contact Stone International today!