Spring Cleaning Is More Than Throwing Out Old Clothes: Try Revamping Your Closet

Closet Remodeling in Miami

Spring Cleaning Is More Than Throwing Out Old Clothes: Try Revamping Your Closet

Closet Remodeling in Miami

Is your closet looking a little dull? While organizing and participating in that dreadful spring cleaning can make your closet look a hundred times better, you probably won’t feel a hundred percent happy with it if your closet is old and needs refurbishing. While you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new closet, a touch-up here and there to utilize the space you have will give your closet just enough new things to make it look fresh and fun! Your friends at Stone International can help you with a Closet Remodeling in Miami.

Spring cleaning to you might mean dusting away at the neglected areas of your closet you forgot about last year, but clean doesn’t necessarily imply clutter-free. If you have a ton of things you need to keep in your closet, but simply don’t have space for it, try remodeling your wardrobe with the help of these simple ideas.

Use the Storage You Have Wisely

After throwing out those old clothes you’ve had for way too long, make sure you then use the space you have to your advantage, so your closet doesn’t get cluttered again. Organizing well and separating your closet into sections is a good technique for this, that way you know where everything is in your closet, helping you find it easily when you’re in a rush to get dressed and head out for the day.

Organizing your closet can involve several different things, but it first involves taking note of all the items you have and figuring out what you have the most of. For example, if you have a million pairs of shorts that you go out in on those hot Miami days (AKA, every day), then you can have a separate section for them or put them with the rest of your bottoms, such as your jeans or skirts.

Big beautiful walk in wardrobe. Luxury modern home

Big beautiful walk-in wardrobe. Luxury modern home

Shelves, hooks, and racks, can hold a variety of things, but that doesn’t mean you should just put everything in those areas. Divide your closet into sections so that you can find your shirts on one side, your pants on another side, and then your shoes on shelves or placed neatly somewhere else. You don’t need a big closet to get all your things organized, you need to utilize the storage you have wisely. Remodeling your closet slightly can help you to use the space you have even better than you have before.

Install Some Drawers! Closet Remodeling in Miami with Stone International

However, if you do have some empty space in your closet that you need to use for storage, it doesn’t hurt to maximize that space by installing some drawers. Drawers are especially helpful because they give you plenty of sections in your closet to divide and organize your clothes, and they also give you some space on top of the drawers to put some jewelry boxes, purses, or other accessories you need to put away for safekeeping.

At Stone International, we would love to install these drawers for you or provide you with any other installation for your closet remodeling. Renovation is the first step to giving you the closet of your dreams—one that’s way easier to clean than the one you have now, and that fits just right with your room’s aesthetic.

Revamping and remodeling your closet involves some touches here and there that we can give you in a snap, helping you keep any room organized and clean. Give us a call or visit our website for more information on how our team at Stone International can help!

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