Custom Cabinets in Miami

Custom Cabinets in Miami

Upgrade Your Home with Custom Cabinets in Miami from Stone International

The kitchen ranks as one of the most high-traffic areas in most homes. For this reason, it remains crucial that anyone seeking a home remodel project find a top-quality resource for their custom cabinets in Miami. High-quality cabinets provide elevated design and building material quality, as well as long-lasting reliability, form, and function.

Some people seek out a home remodeling project because they feel tired of the same old look. Others may be trying to protect their property asset by reinvesting into the home.

Renovating, remodeling, or building a home can represent a notable undertaking with stressful trials and tribulations. Attempting to balance a budget and time isn’t easy. Pair this with the challenges of selecting a design that works with existing home designs, and homeowners can run into all sorts of potential problems.

Unfortunately, this can turn what should be an exciting new endeavor into something thoroughly unenjoyable. Luckily, Stone International and our custom design and installation teams are here to help.

No matter the reason for a cabinet remodeling project, quality matters. From Stone International, custom cabinets in Miami remain an ideal solution for reliable cabinet fixtures for any remodel or redesign needs.

Cheap in Price, Not in Quality

Stone International provides the South Florida community with custom cabinets in Miami that provide all-wood construction, in addition to solid wood faces and plywood, boxed body. 

Our cabinets also provide soft close options with solid wood drawers and heavy-duty working interior parts with adjustable hinge designs. When we say that our fixtures contain no particle board and an all-wood design, we mean it! 

Stone International takes pride in the real wood composition of our cabinets. Unlike Formica, like many popular custom cabinets today, real wood offers customers a longer-lasting, durable, unique, and customized look to their cabinetry.

Something unique about our custom cabinet provisions is that our team stains the inside of our cabinet fixtures to match the exterior facade. For the wholesale price point, we offer, this is something homeowners will not find anywhere else from any other provider.

Cabinets are a significant part of any home for various reasons. Between the kitchen and bath, these might be the two most utilized rooms in the home and serve as the centerpiece of home design.

Custom cabinets in Miami from Stone International can offer a facade for the home design, showing off stunning enhancements to the entire look and feel of a property.

The Perfect Complement | Quartz and Granite Countertops

While we could go on and on about our superior cabinet construction, Stone International offers the South Florida community a trusted resource for affordable and reliable quartz and granite countertops as well. These serve as the perfect complement to newly installed custom cabinets in Miami.

Many of the homes in Miami boast an old-style design featuring laminate and, in some cases, wood countertops. By switching to quartz or granite, homeowners can immediately notice the difference. Granite and quartz remain far easier to clean and care for than other materials. This makes cleaning up after those family party weekends so much easier.

Real-wood, custom cabinets in Miami from Stone International can be the perfect pairing with a quartz or granite countertop for an aesthetic that remains beyond comparison.

Custom Cabinets in Miami | Stone International

Stone International began conducting business in South Florida in 2004 with a simple concept in mind: provide consumers with the best quality material for an affordable, wholesale price.

Quickly word began to spread around the community, and our reputation continued to grow. Soon enough, Stone International became a trusted resource in the South Florida area for custom cabinets in Miami and wholesale granite and quartz.

We manufacture our products, import them directly into the United States, and strive to pass this savings to our customers. Stone International can save consumers up to 20% more than our primary competitors in most instances.

Furthermore, our granite and stone fabricators work exclusively with us. This enables us to import the granite we use for our cabinets and save our valued customers money here.

Stone International wants to offer you custom cabinets in Miami at a wholesale price, helping our customers find a suitable option to last as a staple within the heart of the home for years to come. To learn more about our solutions, come by our store for a visit or contact Stone International today!

About Us

Stone International has been serving the greater Miami area for many years. We directly import our own cabinet line, eliminating the middleman markup.