What Are the Latest Colors That Experts Are Suggesting for Kitchen Cabinets?

Stone International is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated granite and solid all wood cabinets in Florida.
Custom Kitchen Cabinets

What Are the Latest Colors That Experts Are Suggesting for Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Wouldn’t you like to have some control in the creation of your home kitchen?

Stone International is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated granite and solid all wood cabinets in Florida. One of our most popular services are projects involving custom kitchen cabinets. The company is built upon the foundation of a strongly structured wholesale distributor that offers excellent wholesale prices for both commercial and residential prices. Our primary goal is to deliver the best projects possible within the homes and businesses of each customer, while also meeting their rigid and tight deadlines. We also offer installation and fabrication services for all of our products. We firmly believe our commitment to excellent customer service and quality products at great prices is what leads to mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients. In the same exact manner we treat larger projects, we also carry our excelled passion and expertise into the cultivation of our custom kitchen cabinets. Your home will always matter just as much.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

Would you be interested in remodeling your kitchen’s look? For a while now, have you been aware that your home has so much more to offer?

We are here to help you. In order to make your dream kitchen more accessible, we’ve come up with top-quality products at affordable pricing. From affordable rustic custom kitchen cabinets to luxurious granite countertops, we have whatever additions you’d like to make to your home. If you’re seeking a newly renovated kitchen, our pre-fabricated granite and solid wood cabinets are guaranteed to give your home a new look your guests will love. Also, you have the ability to increase the value of your home by getting wood constructed cabinets that contain solid wood, dovetail construction, and soft close options drawers. In order to smoothly finish off your remodeling project in the perfect time, we also offer installation and fabrication services.

Leading Kitchen Designers

Our custom kitchen cabinets and design services have truly lead us to become a leading manufacturer of prefabricated granite and solid wood cabinets in the area of South Florida. As of today, we remain a strong and family run company who offers a complete design service for custom kitchen cabinets. Even when it comes to choosing color, we have the strong foundation to help you with. For example, a simple but extremely important rule is to not be afraid of darker colors. Many people think of their kitchen as having some sort of outgoing and fresh color. However, the latest colors that experts are suggesting include more of the black and brown wood shades. With our amazing quality, you can absolutely pick a few dark shades and easily add warmth to your home. After all, it’s no secret that the perfect amount of warmth is truly what freshens up your atmosphere. The work we offer entails everything from the initial measurement, to 3-D computer-generated drawings, up until the actual fabrication and installation of your dream kitchen. At this current point in our business, we have several store locations including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado.

For more information and to schedule your new project, call 786-930-4722 or click here.

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