Custom Kitchen Units in Miami Shores

​Custom Kitchen Units in Miami Shores

These days, the idea of getting furniture custom-made for your house seems out of reach for the regular person. Most people go to a furniture store or Ikea to find everything from closet fittings to entertainment centers. However, one of the few places where most people still opt for custom furniture is in the kitchen. 

Everyone’s kitchen is a little different and requires custom kitchen units. Getting custom kitchen units in Miami Shores or anywhere else in the surrounding area doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, though. Here at Stone International, we specialize in bringing you top quality kitchen units at fantastic wholesale prices. 

Why Should You Get Custom Kitchen Units in Miami Shores?

There are several reasons why people decide to get custom kitchen units in Miami Shores. These reasons can range from cabinetry that has physical problems to issues that are more organizational.

1: Your Kitchen Units Are Falling Apart

Though most houses come with cabinetry installed, they are not always put together with a lot of consideration to function. Often, when moving into a new home, you might be faced with kitchen units that have peeling linoleum, poorly designed cabinets, or drawers that don’t run properly on their tracks. Here are a few of the signs of cabinets that need to be replaced.

  • Peeling. Many cabinets are made with facing materials that can peel. Thermafoil, laminate, linoleum, and even some very thin wood facing can peel. If your cabinets have started to peel, perhaps it’s time to think about replacing.
  • Swelling. If a cabinet door is waterlogged, it’s very difficult to dry out properly. Unlike clothing or other detachable elements, you can’t take your kitchen units out to spread in the sun to dry. If your cabinets are truly waterlogged from a slow leak or a flood, you probably need to replace them.
  • Mold. Some surface-level mold can be cleaned out with a bleach solution and some elbow grease, but mold that is deeply set into your cabinets is usually impossible to get out completely. As this can be toxic, you need to replace your cabinets if you have a severe mold problem there.

2: You Need Better Organization

Sadly, a lot of kitchens that are placed into the new housing developments aren’t usually designed with the needs of real people in mind. If you have lived anywhere, you’ve probably run into cabinets under sinks without shelves that have tons of unused, wasted space, or a tiny kitchen without the proper space for a drying rack. 

Many of these problems can be solved by installing custom kitchen units in Miami Shores. Whether you are solving problems caused by limited space or you want to utilize the space in your kitchen properly, our expert team at Stone International wants to help you re-organize your kitchen. 

3: You Have a Specific Design in Mind

When we move into a new space, certain design elements feel as baked into a house as the walls and height of the ceilings. One of those things is the kitchen units. Many people have chosen a home depending on the kitchen units in a house. However, you don’t have to give up on an otherwise beautiful house because you don’t feel like the kitchen is for you. 

At Stone International, we can help you craft a kitchen that is precisely the image you want for your home. From modern Scandinavian flat-faced cabinets to more traditional elaborately carved cabinets, we have a wide selection in any finish you like.

​Custom Kitchen Units in Miami Shores

How to Choose Custom Kitchen Units in Miami Shores

Once you have decided to gut your kitchen, the next steps can feel overwhelming. However, our team of experts is ready to help you through the process. Remodeling a kitchen can eat up quite a bit of time, but not more than eight to twelve weeks. 

It often takes longer if that kitchen remodel involves knocking down walls or other dramatic remodeling. Something like putting in custom kitchen units in Miami Shores isn’t so complicated, however, as it simply involves removing your existing kitchen units and measuring and putting in the custom ones. 

The first decision you have to make is what style of cabinets you want. There are a lot of styles of cabinets, from minimalist styles like the enduringly popular shaker style cabinets to cabinets with different styles of molding. Next, you would choose the wood and finish that you want. After that, a team will go down to measure your kitchen and help you decide what size and organizational style of cabinet and countertop you want. You can also, at that point, have space-saving or permanent organizational inserts put in, like a drying rack installed over the sink or a spice rack attached to the inside of a cabinet door. After you finish making your decisions, all that is left is to have it put in.

If you’re ready to get custom kitchen units in Miami Shores, then contact us at Stone International for a kitchen transformation!