Don't Start Your Kitchen Renovation Until You Ask THESE Questions!

affordable kitchen renovation

Don’t Start Your Kitchen Renovation Until You Ask THESE Questions!

Planning an Affordable Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen remodeling project is equal parts challenging, as well as exciting. Although choosing your design for the heart of the home isn’t easy, it remains a fun task. Unfortunately, the project doesn’t end after the planning phases.

An essential facet of any renovation is a painful little problem called money. While many of us could surely remodel a kitchen with an unlimited budget, very few possess the means to accomplish anything and everything they want.

Stone International has some tips to help you plan an affordable kitchen renovation utilizing achievable, realistic attributes for a kitchen you can both love and afford.

How can I start my dream kitchen?

Operating on a tight budget magnifies any decision you make on your affordable kitchen renovation. You possess numerous different things to consider, regardless of how large or small your budget is. Even a seemingly simple project can get of hand fast.

If you’re not sure how much you want to spend before getting started, we suggest working backward. Make your grandiose plans first, and start trimming them down to a manageable price point.

In the old days, homeowners would cut out images from Better Homes and Gardens, and other remodel magazines for ideas. Luckily, in the digital age, we can use sites like Pinterest to cultivate a virtual scrapbook of inspiration. Creating this pool of ideas may help you build specific dreams as you figure out how to infuse big plans into smaller, more affordable ones.

You may find many transitional design ideas that work inside your budget without making any drastic changes. This might include textures, color schemes, and implementing inexpensive materials.

How do I know I’m making the right choices?

As you select colors, finishes, etc. you should keep a few things in mind. Ensure that your overall look fits in with the rest of your home. You won’t want to create a time-capsule kitchen reflecting a traditional style while the rest of your home remains sterile and modern.

Your affordable kitchen renovation should reflect something you and your loved ones can enjoy while ensuring that the design isn’t too “out there” should you sell the home in the future. Think about your affordable kitchen renovation like a tattoo.

Whatever you select will remain for a very long time. For this reason, your design should impart staying power. However, it should still contain unique elements of your personality. If you decide to change your kitchen out in the future, this will be arduous and expensive. For this reason, choose wisely while you can.

An Affordable Kitchen Renovation from Stone International

Stone International helps homeowners all over the country realize their dreams. Nonetheless, we accomplish this efficiently, helping our clients get what they need for an affordable price.

We directly import our cabinet fixtures, effectively eliminating middleman import taxes and transport fees. Our company passes these savings onto the customer in the form of wholesale cabinet fixtures and countertops, as well as an affordable kitchen renovation.

The Stone International design team additionally uses state-of-the-art design software. This software allows clients to see what a new set of cabinets looks like inside their existing space before they finalize a purchase. Visualization is a powerful asset towards saving money in the end, helping homeowners select the fixtures that look best inside their home.

For more information on how our company can help you obtain the affordable kitchen renovation of your dreams, contact Stone International today!

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