Experts Use This Guide as the Ultimate How-To to Making Small Bathrooms Look Larger

modern style bathroom design

Experts Use This Guide as the Ultimate How-To to Making Small Bathrooms Look Larger

You Can Make Any Bathroom Look (And Feel) Bigger

Most of us have dreams of vast, spacious bathrooms with separate tub and shower facilities. We might even want two sinks, and a chaise lounge to help relax in between dips into the tub. Unfortunately, for many of us, this dream remains precisely that.

Nevertheless, you can still make your bathroom live up to its full potential utilizing these strategies from Stone International. Carefully selecting a color palette and sticking to the essentials represents just a couple of modern style bathroom tips that our designers use to make a bathroom appear twice as large.

All White Everything

One of the easiest ways to help a room appear more spacious is utilizing a ton of white decor. This includes white floor tiles, white paint, white vanities, etc. White naturally recedes, and for this reason, helps existing space look bigger. It will additionally reflect light as opposed to absorbing it.

A white finish will help virtually any space appear bigger. The best part about this selection from our modern style bathroom tips is that most bathrooms already wield plentiful white fixtures. Using white on additional surfaces cultivates a put-together look that will maximize the existing space.

The Magic of a Floating Vanity

It is often challenging to balance storage demands with a desire for space. Floating vanities represent an ideal solution to this problem. This will provide you with plenty of room in the bath for storage, but the ability to view the flooring underneath will help things feel a bit more open.

Sometimes… Less is More

You and your loved ones may not need maximum storage for your needs. In these situations, one of our best modern style bathroom tips is selecting a smaller vanity size. This will leave more open space in the restroom. As a result, your bathroom may feel less crowded. If your toilet or tub resides right next to the vanity, you will surely appreciate the extra open space as well.

Reflect in the Beauty of a Large Mirror

Large mirrors effectively double the size of your existing space. By splurging on a large mirror adorned with an elegant frame, you can go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized mirror fixture. In many scenarios, we find that this effect is so powerful that homeowners rarely require much else to help their room feel massive by comparison.

Let There Be Light!

Optimal lighting is crucial to making any seemingly small space appear larger. However, this is even more important in rooms like a bathroom where they don’t possess much natural light available as it is. Optimal lighting will also help you do things like shaving or applying makeup effectively.

Modern Style Bathroom Tips from Stone International

While our customers may commonly know us for our kitchen cabinetry and countertop offerings, we provide a comprehensive service for the bathroom as well. Stone International looks at the bathroom as the most utilized area of any home. For this reason, we commit our excellent customer service and catalog of products to the restroom as well.

If your home imparts a constrained or seemingly small bathroom space, our team can help with modern style bathroom tips to improve your bathroom appear larger without a full and total remodel. Sometimes even selecting a new stylized or smaller vanity can make a world of difference.

For more information on how our design team can help you with modern style bathroom tips, contact Stone International today!

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