Granite Counters in South Miami

Replacing Old Laminate Counters with Granite Counters in South Miami

Granite Counters in South MiamiUnfortunately, for those that own older homes, you understand how laminate countertops can become dull or scratched as time goes on. In many cases, they also reflect an old, outdated color or styling, as well as an installation period that could date the rest of your entire kitchen. The good news is that there is no better time to replace this laminate surface with beautiful, timeless granite counters in South Miami.

Unlike laminate, granite is fabricated before getting transferred into your kitchen for a final fit and installation. Although this can take up to two weeks, you can rely on a granite countertop installation to completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen space.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering an installation of granite counters in South Miami, you will have some work to do. Installers will expect a kitchen that is ready for the installation so they can come in and get their own work done. Don’t worry, your friends from Stone International are here to help with some information on how to get everything ready.

Preparing for Granite Countertop Installation

Before a team of skilled installers enter your home with your new countertops, you must do a few things. Ensure that you clear out a pathway between the job site and the nearest entrance. It is important to remember that granite is a very heavy stone. This will help you minimize the amount of maneuvering required by the installers as they carry sections into the kitchen.

If small children live in the home, also make sure that they don’t get in the way of installers while carrying the stone. Installing granite counters in South Miami is also really dusty work. You should also cover up any nearby furniture to protect it.

Your installer will want the job to go as easy as possible. Nonetheless, a qualified and experienced installer will additionally need you to feel comfortable throughout the process. Make sure that you address any concerns before they start bringing in granite slabs. It is always a bad time to raise a question while (or after) the team members bring the heavy stone into the house.

After all, this job requires an exceptional amount of focus and precision. They will wield a game plan that enables them to get the task done efficiently. This allows them to follow a timetable as they prepare for the next job.

For this reason, the best advice that the Stone International team can provide is enabling these experts to do their work uninterrupted, and in peace. While homeowners remain welcome to watch everything get done, try your best not to impede the progress.

Leveling, Setting, and Cleanup

Level cabinets are essential to the finalized product concerning granite counters in South Miami. Once an installation team determined cabinets reside within acceptable levels, they can begin laying pieces of granite in place.

No wall is perfectly straight, even in a brand-new residence. Installers can actually scribe countertops to match these imperfections for an unbelievable final result. Nonetheless, some people still notice some minute gaps between granite counters in South Miami and their walls.

This is often where a homeowner elects to install a backsplash as well. This will cover up any potential for this bothersome gap entirely. It does require some minor adjustments to achieve a tight fit, but installers can set a backsplash in the same way as a granite countertop.

The total time from start to completion varies on a few different factors. These include the size, complexity, and unique specifications that you might impart regarding your countertop installation.

For example, small, simple kitchens may only take 2 to 3 hours to complete while a large complex space could take up to 7 hours before the job is done. You can safely expect around 4 hours for most, average-sized kitchen areas.

Installing Granite Counters in South Miami with Stone International

The dedicated team from Stone International remains excited to provide and install granite countertops in South Miami for our clients. We even offer free installation with the purchase of our products.

This means that you can obtain an awesome, seemingly flawless slab of granite that completely transforms your kitchen space with an accompanying installation service. We further these savings along by working with every significant stone distributor in the South Florida area as well.

This helps us pass the cost-cutting onto you with affordable wholesale prices. To learn more about installing granite countertops in South Miami for your home, contact Stone International today!