Here’s Why You Should Have Wooden Cabinets On Your Holiday Gift List

holiday solid wood kitchen cabinets

Here’s Why You Should Have Wooden Cabinets On Your Holiday Gift List

The Advantages of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The holiday season is here again, and you may be thinking about getting your spouse something extraordinary for the holiday season: a kitchen renovation. However, this represents a substantial undertaking involving numerous important decisions for many homeowners.

The largest part of most budgets for kitchen remodeling projects is the cabinets. You may find yourself wondering whether you should purchase particleboard or solid wood kitchen cabinets. Finding an affordable option for solid wood kitchen cabinets is easy. Nevertheless, you might think that particle board is too cheap to pass up.

Your friends from Stone International want to put this argument to rest, outlining the benefits and advantages of our solid wood kitchen cabinets over other unreliable options. We can help you ensure that solid wood kitchen cabinets represent the better option of the two. Although they may not fit under the tree, our cabinet fixtures represent an excellent holiday gift!

Customizable, Inviting, Warm, and Beautiful

Stepping into a kitchen space with solid wood kitchen cabinets will make you feel warm and welcome. Wood materials impart a timeless, natural look to any kitchen, unsurpassed in all their classic beauty. They even complement modern, stainless steel appliances, adding a rich aesthetic to the overall environment.

Working with wood also allows a cabinetmaker to customize dimensions to fit any project. Solid wood kitchen cabinets come in any number of shapes, styles, sizes, and depths. This can help you make your kitchen unique, incorporating your unique vision.

When you select Stone International as your cabinet provider, we utilize a state-of-the-art, three-dimensional modeling software. This software displays your potential new fixtures inside of your existing space in a true-to-form “try before you buy” type scenario!

Durability and Home Values

We mentioned before that cabinet fixtures take up a substantial amount of any kitchen remodeling budget. For this reason, you must select a cabinet that remains durable to get your money’s worth. Stone International guarantees preeminent material quality in all of our solid wood kitchen cabinets.

This can even benefit you should you decide to list your home for sale down the road. Think of your purchase as a dual investment. While enhancing your enjoyment in your home, they will also pay off when you decide to move.

If you represent a lifetime homeowner, planning on keeping the property for some time, you can always stain solid wood kitchen cabinets for a new look. Wood is not simply customizable in size and shape, but also in color and finish as well.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets from Stone International

Although particle board may serve as a cheap, inexpensive option, you truly get what you pay for. Particle or pressboard is hardly a durable material, often needing replacement after just a few short years.

Wood cabinets may reflect a higher price point in your kitchen renovation budget, but we rarely see a homeowner regret their kitchen remodel using a set of our solid wood kitchen cabinets. Stone International cabinets serve as a sound investment, as well as an excellent holiday gift.

Our company services the South Florida area as a wholesale provider of solid wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes using only the best materials and craftsmanship available.

By directly importing our product line from China, we cut out the middleman markup of transport and import costs, passing the saving directly onto you. For more information on solid wood kitchen cabinets from our team this holiday season, contact the dedicated and professional team from Stone International today!

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