Wholesale Distribution Available in Miami: Competitive Prices at Stone International

Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

Wholesale Distribution Available in Miami: Competitive Prices at Stone International

Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

Stone International launched in South Florida during 2004, remaining true to the concept of simple kitchen design services and fabrication. With every project, and every kitchen remodel, we provide the absolute best quality, natural materials. We do this by providing budget kitchen renovation options.

Stone International saves you the costs by providing a quality product for a wholesale price. Our team additionally commits to providing customers with our services in the shortest time possible. We can typically complete any service within a week due to the efficiency of our professionals.

Our cabinets impart quality. This is in the form of all-wood construction bolstered by solid cabinet fronts and doors in addition to plywood boxes. We take the time to paint and stain our cabinet insides as well, to match the exterior. 

However, we offer much more than cabinet fixtures with a fresh coat of paint. Stone International cabinet drawers also wield all wood construction. Their front is solid, with dovetail construction, full-extension heavy-duty glides, soft close options, and 6-way adjustable hinges. There is absolutely no particleboard in our cabinets whatsoever.

Our company specializes in granite countertops as well as kitchen cabinet fixtures. A piece of granite can help your kitchen makeover come together. Solid surface granite will match virtually any floor, wall, tile, or backsplash, and even white paint and stainless steel appliances.

Stone International wields access to every major stone distributor in Miami. Many of these slabs we stock in our own warehouse. Nonetheless, even when a product is not on-hand, we can ship and deliver in virtually no time at all.

Leading Kitchen Designers

We directly import our own wood cabinet lines. This extends both the budgeting and savings to our customers, effectively eliminating the middleman markup. We can also import granite slabs and work harmoniously with fabricators that produce exclusively for us.

This ensures that we provide homeowners the best kitchen design services we can. Stone International houses our product selection in a warehouse showroom of 33,000 square feet.

We employ a team specifically constructed to help clients with their kitchen makeover. When we hire these individuals, we ensure that they demonstrate creative qualities, and impart their experience to uninitiated customers.

Stone International equips this team with a three-dimensional modeling software that enables you to see what your new fixtures will look like inside of your existing space. This ensures that regardless if you need a cabinet set for a small or large kitchen, your remodel is in good shape.

No matter the size or complexity of your design aspirations, our team is ready for the job. Trouble with a light fixture issue? Want a kitchen island, butcher block, or unique countertop for a custom kitchen sink? None of these issues pose a problem for our excellent design team. We can help you with everything from cabinet lighting and cabinet doors to ideas about open shelving storage space and matching a hardwood floor.

We look forward to working with you, and our professional staff is confident that you will love your new kitchen updates. The team is excited as well as eager to help you remodel your home spaces while providing you the fixtures for an inexpensive kitchen remodel.

Optimal Products, Preeminent Quality

Once the South Florida community developed awareness about our services and products, our bathroom and kitchen design services evolved into a leading manufacturer of prefabricated granite and solid wood cabinets in our area. We help community residents with pride in the work we do by offering inexpensive kitchen remodels.

Today, we remain a strong, family operated company that provides complete design services to our clients. This ranges from initial measurements and product selection to 3D computer-generated drawings. We finish this off with the fabrication and installation of your dream kitchen.

Many people look at cabinet installers as a bunch of carpenters with hammers in their belts. However, we like to view ourselves as kitchen contractors, renovators, and interior design experts.

Professional Installation

We challenge the competition to provide the services we can for the inexpensive wholesale price we impart to our customers. Our experts do far more than simply screw screws and hammer in nails for an installation. They will work with you and educate you on all of our products, materials, etc. every step of the process.

When you enlist Stone International for your kitchen remodeling needs, you will find that the process couldn’t be easier. In the past, customers were forced to stretch their budget as far as possible to achieve the remodel they really wanted, or to settle for less than adequate material selections.

However, with Stone International, our excellent pricing and quality product selection reverses this script. You can now obtain your dream kitchen without exorbitant expenditure, or hassle.

Stone International is now also revamping and affixing our offerings. This includes expanding our services into closet and bath installations, in addition to counters, sinks, and vanities for the bath as well. As with any Stone International purchase, we provide installation services as a part of the total package.

Although we may expand our services into other territories, our team carries on our legacy through an unwavering commitment to excellence in every project. We want to help you bring your new project to live. Enlist our services and discover why our customers hold us in such high esteem.

We service customers throughout the South Florida area, and can extend these services on a national level, should the need arise. Our company possesses numerous locations all across the United States including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Phoenix, Arizona, as well as Denver, Colorado.

For more information on kitchen remodels, and any of our products including painted cabinets, contact Stone International today!

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