Investing in Quality Bathroom Cabinets Will Start Your New Year Off Right

quality bathroom cabinets

Investing in Quality Bathroom Cabinets Will Start Your New Year Off Right

Shopping for New Bathroom Cabinets

Quality bathroom cabinets serve as multifunctional pillars that offer a surface for any number of applications. This includes washing, shaving, as well as applying makeup, all while hiding plumbing away and storing an inordinate amount of toiletries. A good bathroom cabinet can do all this in a minimal amount of space.

For many homeowners, the bathroom represents the smallest room in their house. However, they still commonly need to utilize the space for storing a wide variety of different things.

Selecting the right quality bathroom cabinets is a piece of a larger puzzle, often requiring the design and implementation of an entire bathroom storage plan. When building a new bathroom, or giving an existing bathroom a facelift, it is essential to pay special attention to your storage and cabinetry needs as early as possible. These fixtures will set the stage for the design aesthetic that concerns the entire room.

Stone International wants to help our readers by offering some information. This may act as a guide when seeking the best cabinets. You must consider everything from their utilitarian purpose, all the way to looks. We hope the following can help make your quality bathroom cabinets search much easier.

Determine your Storage Needs

The best part about new, quality bathroom cabinets, is that you may finally wield the space to put away all of your stuff. Nevertheless, you must determine your current layout, space availability, etc., and understand potential obstacles that may remain in your way.

Depending on the amount of space you can work with, and your storage needs, you may need to make some compromises. In some scenarios, you may discover that plumbing remains in the way for certain styles, or that you cannot install cabinet fixtures with certain drawers or doors that won’t possess adequate clearance space.

When you select Stone International for your cabinetry needs, our design specialists can employ out three-dimensional modeling software. This software helps you look at a great new set of quality bathroom cabinets inside your home before you finalize a purchase!

Select Durable Materials

Let’s face it, our bathroom vanities come into contact with various substances during their life cycles. Many of these originate from a chemical nature. These might include spilled makeup or cleaning products, alcohol, medicine, and numerous other solutions. They additionally remain subject to moisture and humidity due to the showers we all love taking.

This means you must select quality bathroom cabinets comprised of only the best possible materials. You may like the look of a particular material or finish at first due to price point or aesthetic. However, you will likely regret making the cheaper or better-looking decision if your cabinet investment doesn’t last over time.

Stone International offers quality bathroom cabinets made from all-wood materials, with no particle or pressboard. Our maple and basswood cabinets represent a durable option that can remain a fixture in your home for a very long time.

Quality Bathroom Cabinets from Stone International

Our company offers an excellent cabinet selection for any bathroom renovation or remodeling project. The utilization of our design software, as well as preeminent material selection in every cabinet, make us a crucial resource. Throw in our wholesale price for these provisions, and Stone International can offer you a comprehensive package. This value simply cannot be matched.

For more information on our quality bathroom cabinets, contact our design and installation teams today!

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