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The Most Popular Kitchen Remodeling Design Styles

Each and every kitchen is unique. This could refer to the fixture stylings, to the finishing touches on the cabinetry. Regardless, these individualities serve as part of what make kitchens the heart of any home. While every homeowner may wield their own vision for the perfect kitchen, a few general styles remain popular.

Your friends from Stone International want to impart some information on everything from classic to modern designs, and the most popular styles available. As a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral, our team can help you consider an ideal solution when you finally feel ready to start that long overdue kitchen remodeling project.

The Rustic Kitchen

A rustic or farmhouse kitchen instills ideas about freshly baked bread from grain right out of the fields. Some homeowners also think this style promotes warm, touchy family memories. For this reason, it is no secret that the rustic kitchen is a popular choice amongst homeowners.

The kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with rustic farmhouse touches, as well as installing welcoming elements that will provide the ideal space for a gathering of family and friends. Nevertheless, many companies offer rustic and farmhouse fixtures. Unfortunately, not every cabinet company is created equally.

It is important that you select a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral that can not only offer you a quality price but a quality product as well. As you consider updating your kitchen with a rustic style, you should focus on a few areas that include:

  • Shelving space
  • Kitchen sink design
  • Oversized features

Modern Sleek Kitchens

If your ideal kitchen is a sleek, cutting-edge space, then a modern kitchen style is the ideal design for you. A modern kitchen offers sleek styling, as well as well-defined, horizontal lines. Modern kitchens additionally incorporate more industrial elements that create a clean, elegant look.

While many homeowners love the look for the modern kitchen, our kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral also suggests a contemporary kitchen. This look is similar to the modern kitchen, however, it adds some eclecticism and individuality to the design.

A Traditional Kitchen

A number of our customers at Stone International often confuse the farmhouse kitchen with a traditional style. However, each design boasts some unique facets that make them stand apart from one another. A traditional design style provides an elegant feel, despite remaining warm, comfortable, and inviting.

The kitchen is the most important area of any home. For this reason, it is crucially important to not cut any corners when you begin your remodel. Selecting a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral that provides professional, quality services is extremely important.

Considering a New Kitchen Island

Homeowners experience very few home improvement additions more exciting than installing a kitchen island. Although kitchen islands serve as extremely desirable features that offer style and functionality, a number of considerations exist that determine whether or not this fixture is right for a home.

Without substantial planning and research, a kitchen island may prove more troublesome than essential. Homeowners should consider size and space, design and functionality, in addition to budget and install options.

A homeowner must determine if their existing space can even accommodate a kitchen island. A quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral and their installation team can take detailed measurements of the space. They will then offer options on an optimal solution. Most homeowners additionally consider a kitchen island solely on looks. However, this fixture should offer function, in addition, to form.

Most individuals understand that kitchen remodels can quickly turn very expensive. Understanding budgeting limitations remains essential. A realistic budget prior to starting a new project can help a homeowner avoid overspending in their remodeling project.

Nonetheless, no homeowner should take a DIY approach to kitchen island installation. A quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral like our team at Stone International remains the best possible choice for determining if a kitchen island is a good idea for any home.

Stone International – Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in Doral

Stone International is a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral. However, we wield factories, showrooms, and install teams all over the United States. This enables our team to extend our preeminent service quality and premium products on a national level.

We assist our clients by providing a top-quality product for a wholesale price. Additionally offering bathroom provisions, countertops, and closets, Stone International is truly a home remodeling “one-stop shop”.

When you get ready to begin a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, we suggest considering our services to help assist you with the process. We not only offer a comprehensive product selection but free installation with every order.

Customers can utilize our design professionals and three-dimensional modeling software as well. This enables a homeowner to see what their potential new fixtures look like inside their existing space before enduring the purchase and installation processes.

Furthermore, our install team looks at themselves as expert carpenters, more than part-time workers with a tool belt. We guarantee fast installation and customer satisfaction in every transaction.

For more information on what our company and preeminent product selection can provide your home, contact Stone International about our top-quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Doral. We can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams in no time at all for an affordable price.

Schedule an appointment with our professionals, or just stop by our showroom and take a look at what we have to offer your home!