Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets – Cabinet Renovations in Miami

  Cherry Double Shaker


  • Cherry Stain with Charcoal Glazed
  • Full Overlay Door
  • All Wood Construction
  • 3/4″ Solid Maple Door & Frame
  • 1/2″ Plywood Boxes
  • Solid Maple Dove Tail Drawer Box
  • Full Extension Soft Close Under-Mount Glide
  • Concealed 6 ways Adjustable Hinges
  • Cam Lock Fastening System for Quick & Sturdy Assembly

Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Renovations in Miami

Do you love the look of our shaker cabinet lines, but want something with a warm natural tone? For many of our customers, our Café Shaker Cabinets can recreate the aesthetic they desire. These cabinets display an exterior that is a bit lighter on the color spectrum.

However, our Espresso Shaker Cabinets create a similar look, but with the opposite, a darker shading. Our team is proud to provide customers our Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets as an option for a warmer, natural looking, all-wood kitchen cabinet.

For a modern, simple design the whole family can appreciate, our shaker style kitchen wall cabinets represent the perfect option. These affordable, quality kitchen cabinets provide a rich, cherry exterior that only appears more elegant in the warm glow of the Florida sun.

Customize or modify our shaker kitchen cabinet styles and create the specific look you can certainly appreciate. Add in some crown molding, and granite countertops to the base cabinet style for a sophisticated, luxurious look.

You can also select and aesthetic that is more in-line with modern kitchens. These contemporary kitchen designs fit perfectly with angular countertops and some clean, sterile metal appliances.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. We prepare meals here, and for many individuals, the kitchen is the hub of conversation where everyone flocks during get-togethers. As such a vital proponent of the home, your kitchen cabinet selection is essential.

A first impression is really important, and the kitchen is often the first area in your home that your visitors will notice when they arrive. With Stone International, you can ensure that this first impressing is positive and lasting. Our team will assist you with a selection of quality, all-wood cabinets from design through installation.

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All Wood Craftsmanship

Comprised of only high-quality maple wood, our cabinets bring an elegant aesthetic to any kitchen. Stone International additionally cherry stain and glaze these shaker cabinets with charcoal.

Each cabinet we construct provides our customers with a preeminent level of durability. If modern and elegant with simple clean lines of shaker paneled doors is the look you want, our cherry tainted, Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets represent the preeminent choice.

Stone International also removes any middleman markup by directly providing our cabinet and countertop lines to our customers. This ensures quality control for our product resides entirely in our hands as well.

We strive to ensure that every one of our cabinets is reliable, durable, and attains to our standard of excellence. This is something you will not find present even in more expensive options.

All-wood composition lets you know that your cabinets will last you a long time. Selecting a set of kitchen cabinets for your home remodeling project is an important decision, and reliability is key.

Nothing is worse than a situation where you invest both your time and money into a kitchen remodel, only to purchase an unreliable product that degrades over a short period of time. With Stone International, you can rest assured that your purchase is a good investment that is long-lasting for both you as well as your family.

High-Quality Kitchens

Stone International all-wood kitchen cabinets represent a durable, long-lasting, secure purchase. We utilize no pressboard in our cabinets whatsoever, and their composition is entirely high-quality maple or basswood. This includes cabinet doors, center panels, drawers, and drawer fronts.

When you select a set of Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets, you ensure yourself the level of luxury our cabinets bestow lasts a lifetime for you, your visitors, and your family.

For the absolute best in kitchen cabinet quality, Stone International is the solution. We design the best looking kitchen cabinets and ensure their durability for every one of our customers. Our professionals want to make your vision of the perfect kitchen a reality.

Our team works harmoniously with our clients to create and execute their well-thought design plans. When it comes to top-quality, wholesale kitchen cabinets online, our renowned business provides customers with high-end, affordable options. Our cabinets will look as if we made them specifically for your home because they were!

Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets from Stone International

The Stone International team will transform your existing kitchen space in the area you always wanted. We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with top-quality service, in addition to an extensive product selection.

With Stone International, there is no reason to settle for cheap materials or products. Don’t make the mistake and select a cheap, budget cabinet. Choose Stone International and will receive quality, wholesale kitchen cabinets accompanied by an affordable price.

Regardless of the size or extensiveness of your renovation project, you can find an adequate, quality fixture from our company. For more information on our cabinet lines including Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets, contact Stone International today! Our shaker doors style breaks the monotony or sterile white kitchens while matching any style and lighting choices!

Our ultimate goal is assisting our customers in achieving the kitchen renovation of their dreams. We make your kitchen renovation aspirations a reality through quality service and a quality product.

We accomplish this through the quality control of our cabinets, as well as our utilization of top-quality materials. All of this is done while removing any sort of additional markup, as our products boast a wholesale price. For a swift, hassle-free kitchen renovation, consider Stone International’s kitchen cabinets and services for your next home remodeling project.