Gray Shaker Cabinets – Miami Home Kitchen Remodeling

Gray Shaker


  • Gray Stain
  • Partial overlay door
  • All wood construction
  • 3/4″ solid maple door & frame
  • 1/2″ plywood boxes
  • Solid maple dove-tail drawer boxes
  • Full extension side-mount ball bearing slides
  • Concealed 6 ways adjustable hinges
  • Cam lock fastening system for quick & sturdy assembly

Gray Shaker Cabinets

When most people think of kitchen cabinets, they hardly ever consider gray as a viable option for a kitchen renovation or remodel. However, with our new Gray Shaker cabinet line, you can create a clean, crisp look that is entirely unique. Gray shaker cabinets provide an escape from the monotony of natural and blank white finishes.

Our Gray Shaker cabinets additionally provide a perfect companion to brushed steel or aluminum appliances. The finish on the Gray Shaker cabinets matches modern steel appliances for an elegant, luxurious, and uniform look for any kitchen remodel or renovation. With numerous options of secondary colors available and the versatility of Gray Shaker cabinets, you can achieve an affluent dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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Elegant, Clean, and Warm Appearance 

Are you a fan of our shaker cabinet lines, but have been waiting for a neutral tone to complement your existing fixtures or appliances? The new Gray Shaker cabinets from Stone International provide a middle-of-the-road option when it comes to tone. Previously, our Cafe Shaker cabinets and Espresso Shaker cabinets were available for those looking for a lighter or darker tone. However, with our new Gray Shaker cabinets, you can redesign your kitchen with a neutral gray stylized finish.

These cabinets provide a modern look, and easy to utilize design that any of your guests will appreciate. As with any of our cabinets, the Gray Shaker cabinet line are affordable for a wholesale price, while maintaining the preeminent level of quality that all Stone International products are known for.

At night, the Gray Shaker cabinets will appear elegant, clean, and luxurious in a warmly lit setting. However, in the glow of the sun, they will make your kitchen appear incredibly affluent, bright, and a perfect compliment to any modernly redesigned kitchen.

High-Quality Kitchen Remodels from Stone International

Stone International continues to provide the absolute best in kitchen cabinet quality. Our product lines are not only the best looking kitchen cabinets, but are built to last as well. The new Gray Shaker cabinets are no exception. Our ultimate goal is to make your dream kitchen designs a reality, and with this new cabinet finish, we can provide you with a clean slate aesthetic to accomplish virtually any design goals.