Too Many Clothes or Too Little Space? How To Maximize Your Small Closet For Shopaholics

maximize small closets

Too Many Clothes or Too Little Space? How To Maximize Your Small Closet For Shopaholics

Problems in Space

We don’t blame you for being a shopaholic. Having a tiny closet can really prevent you from being organized and keeping all your clothes, shoes, and accessories in the right place, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved! Here are some great tips on how to maximize small closets:

Out With the Old, in With the New

If you find yourself frequently shoving everything into your closet—even things that aren’t clothes, this step to maximize small closets is especially for you. While it’s a general rule of thumb to clean out your closet at least once a year, many people wait years before they decide to finally get rid of what they don’t use anymore. In the long run, this will only do you more harm than good as it will give you more work to do when you finally spend a day cleaning out your closet. Stay on top of things by organizing everything in there at least every year.

Start by taking every item out and deciding what you want to keep or donate. Don’t be afraid to try articles of clothing on, and also don’t be afraid to let them go. Usually, if you haven’t used that item in over a year, you should probably donate it or store it outside of your closet in another space. If you have articles of clothing that have a special meaning or hold sentimental value, feel free to keep them in your closet but keep in mind how much space you have.

When organizing your clothes, we recommend making four piles: one for what you’re keeping, one or what you’re donating, one for what you’re throwing away, and one for what you only use in a particular season (think puffy jackets and think boots). If you have random items in your closet that you’ve shoved in there, take them out! Maximize small closets by having everything in its proper place in the house.

Young woman putting old clothes in a box to donate.

How Much Space Do You Really Have?

When was the last time you measured your closet? If you want any renovations done to make even more use out of your space, this step is very important as well. Simply use a tape measure to write down the height, width, and depth of your entire closet, as well as its shelves, and make a note of any special obstructions in your closet. We also recommend using scented shelf liner paper or one with a pattern that goes with your room decor. This will bring your closet to a whole new level and make it appear more put together, and it will also make it easier to clean the shelves later of any dirt and dust. Scented liner paper will help maximize small closets by making clothes smell fresher for a longer period of time.


It’s simple: use labeled containers to keep everything organized and neatly in its place. Just because you only have one small rack to hang your clothes on doesn’t mean you can only store clothes there. Stack labeled bins on top of each other and fill them with items you don’t grab-and-go as often as you do with articles on the rack, such as those winter boots and coats.

Maximize small closets by putting bins outside of your closet as well, such as under your bed in a handy rolling storage box meant for putting under your bed. You can also use hanging shoe organizers on your door for both your shoes and any other accessories you want to store.

Maximize small closets with storage bins and containers.

Maximize Small Closets With Stone International

Making the most out of any given space, big and small, is our specialty here at Stone International. Our professionals are happy to help you in any way we can, so feel free to give us a call the next time you’re in need of a closet makeover!

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