Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

Deciding to remodel your bathroom is a massive undertaking. Not only does it involve a lot of delicate processes and a period of massive construction in a very vital room of your house, but it is also rife with frustration. Though you could attempt elements of it on your own, organizing the specialists you will need for a remodel. However, here at Stone International, our team of experts is ready to help you tackle every aspect with our bathroom remodeling service in South Miami and the surrounding areas. 

Why Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami?

When you first consider remodeling your bathroom, it might seem like an uncomplicated, if labor-heavy, task. However, the more you begin it and get into the weeds, it begins to feel like there are a thousand details that you might have missed. What order do you go in? How do you remove the major bathroom fixtures without messing with the pipelines? When do you lay the tile? Hire an electrician? A plumber? 

However, if you work with our bathroom remodeling service in South Miami, we can help you take care of those nitpicky details and get your bathroom remodel done in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Rather than stumbling through a remodel and potentially making deadly mistakes, we can ensure that your bathroom remodel is a painless process. 

1: Contractors

One of the little-known facts about remodeling your bathroom is that you will have to hire a few different contractors. Unless you are incredibly handy, you will at least need an electrician and a plumber. Electricity and water are hazardous things, and the bathroom is the place in your house where they do the closest tango. By hiring our bathroom remodeling service in South Miami, you will get all of those contractors at once, along with our construction experts. 

2: Scheduling

There is a specific order in which you need to remodel your bathroom. It’s very easy for an amateur to mess things up by doing them in the wrong order. If you do make a major mistake, then you will have to hire a professional in order to correct it. Here is the order: 

  • Planning. Your first step should be planning out your ideal bathroom with our bathroom remodeling specialists. At this stage, they will take a look at the overall space you are working with, the decoration themes that you are aiming for, and the overall functionality that you are going for in your bathroom. At this time you will choose your fixtures, like the sink and shower or bathtub, the colors, and other such details.
  • Demolition. The very first step is pulling out all of the tiling, fixtures, and often stripping back wallpaper. 
  • Electric and Plumbing. Next, you will work with an electrician and a plumber to make sure that your electric outlets and plumbing fixtures are in the right locations and are safely contained. They also may work with you during the demolition process to ensure that you don’t mess up any wiring.
  • Sealing and Painting. Next, our team will paint your bathroom the color that you choose.
  • Install the Fixtures. Once you have your electric and plumbing set up, it’s time to install the fixtures of the bathroom, like your custom cabinets, toilet, and shower or bath apparatus. This must be done prior to any tiling, as tiles often need to be cut custom to fit around any fixtures.
  • Tiling. Next, our team will put in the flooring and any wall tiling that needs to be done in the shower/bath. 
  • Final Touches. After the tiling is put in, then it’s time for the final touches! Towel rods, lighting, and wall cabinetry is usually put in at this time

What Kinds of Bathrooms Can I Choose?

There are a lot of trendy bathroom styles to choose from these days. The most common are:

1: Traditional

A traditionally styled bathroom is one that puts practicality and comfort over aesthetic. Usually styled in neutral colors with classic styles, like dark wooden cabinetry and white or off-white accents.

2: Modern/Contemporary

Modern style bathrooms have also risen to prominence over the past decade with clean lines and neutral colors. Usually styled in shades of grey, white, and black, modern bathrooms evoke the feeling of a modern sensibility. Contemporary bathrooms are much the same, though they emphasize more natural materials like marble and wood, as well as contrasting neutral colors.

3: Transitional

The third kind of bathroom wants to make peace with the other two. Taking the zen feeling of the clean lines you find in a modern or contemporary bathroom and combining it with the cozier elements of a traditional or midcentury modern bathroom, this type of design is growing in popularity.

Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

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