Modern Kitchen Design Miami

Modern Kitchen Design Miami

Modern Kitchen Design Miami

Modern Kitchen Design Miami

Do you want to expand your kitchen space? We all spend so much time in this area of the home, it is often inconvenient when space is tightly confined. Let our kitchen renovations company help you!

Stone International is a world-class manufacturer of prefabricated granite as well as solid all wood cabinets in the Florida area. Our strongly structured company is a wholesale distributor. We provide our customers with excellent wholesale prices for both residential and also commercial projects.

Regardless if this project is in your home or a multi-unit condominium, our modern kitchen design Miami services will meet every expectation.

We additionally provide the highest quality installation and fabrication services that accompany our products. We believe our commitment and excellence to the highest standard. This, in addition to quality products at great prices, leads to mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients.

Planning out your kitchen remodel? Keep in mind how important each aspect of your existing kitchen décor contributes to the overall look and feel. No matter the style or colors that your cabinets and countertops feature, they all make an impact.

Generally, customers choose to go in one of two directions: modern, or classical. Each design style boasts its own special appeal and qualities. This all depends on your own personal taste. Our kitchen renovations company is here to provide you with our modern kitchen design Miami services.

Modern Kitchen Design Features

A modern kitchen design wields numerous advantages separating it from other traditional designs. These include:

Less is more: A key feature concerning modern design is space. By adding more cabinet space you can remove clutter from your countertops. A modern kitchen is very much minimalist yet functional. If you seem to be running out of space to cook or clean, then the added cabinet space is a great and welcomed addition.

Sleekness: Granite or quartz countertops highlight the look of a modern kitchen. They look sleek and appear as one piece. This adds to the less is more design principles. Unlike tile or wood, you can clean quartz and granite much easier. Additionally, these surfaces are much more aesthetically pleasing, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Hidden appliances: Another popular design for a modern kitchen is “hiding” appliances. By encasing your refrigerator or microwave into a cabinet it provides your kitchen a uniform look that the appliances would otherwise disrupt.

Island or bar: No Modern Kitchen Design is complete without an island or bar. This adds a completely new dimension to your kitchen. If you need more cabinets, your island can provide plenty more space for you. It can even boast a stove top if you need more cooking space. For more seating space, a bar is perfect to entertain guests while offering more space to sit and eat.

South Florida Kitchen Designs

Stone International began in South Florida in 2004. Our concept was simple and focused on design and fabrication. We wanted to provide the best quality natural materials at wholesale prices and pair it with a home install for the shortest possible time.

This certainly seemed simple enough to us. What this means is, you can get an entirely new kitchen, wood cabinets, as well as granite countertops installed in your home. Our kitchen renovations company backs the quality of our products with excellent service and an unwavering commitment to our clients.

We understand how much even the minutest detail means to our customers. If your kitchen is too small, or simply outdated, allow us to come in and modify the landscape.

Your Kitchen area is where you spend a plethora of time. It is the heart of the home where you serve your family. By transforming the special area into a larger space, you now possess a greater ability to bring warmth into your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Company    

Achieving a brand new kitchen renovation has never been simpler than with Stone International. Within a week, we can completely transform your area into your dream modern kitchen design.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what design type you seek. Desire a European kitchen bolstered by Italian design? Our product selection offers numerous Italian kitchens and other European design options!

We make as well as import our products in-house. This means we pass the savings on to you as well for a wholesale price. In fact, our prices demonstrate a figure up to 20% less than the leading competition.

Our team at Stone International looks forward to working with you to help make your home, property, or office look better than ever!

When you enlist our services, we free you from the common worries and anxieties that accompany a home remodeling project. Our services get the job done while you sit back and appreciate both our work, in addition to your savings.

Stone International extends our services to customers all throughout the Miami and South Florida areas. We can also provide services on a national level as well, further equipped with locations in Denver, as well as Phoenix.

For more information on our Modern Kitchen Design Miami services, contact our team as soon as you can. We want to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams efficiently, and also cheaply!

To completely transform your kitchen, call our Kitchen Renovations Company today at 786-930-4722 for more information on our Modern Kitchen Design Miami.