Organize Your Home the Right Way with These Shelving Tips

Shelving Tips

Organize Your Home the Right Way with These Shelving Tips

Tips for Getting Your Shelving (and Home) Back in Order

Home organization isn’t always easy. Several homeowners struggle to balance functionality and aesthetics. After all, properly organizing the home remains far more about implementing systems and smart solutions that work for you.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is easier said than done because every home will impart different sizes, space designs, etc., filled with a variety of different things and different needs.

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to share some of our favorite shelving tips focused on unique ideas for your own space. Read on to learn more!

Start Fresh

So many people start a home organization project by making tiny, subtle adjustments. However, the best way to begin organizing shelving (especially in small spaces) is by taking every item out.

This will help you visualize your entire stock. Furthermore, you can separate items into groups or categories as you decide what you should keep, as well as what you can live without. By organizing your items in this way before putting them back up on the shelf, you can save time while streamlining and maximizing your efficiency.

Use the Back of the Door

Closets and pantries with a door are often overlooked storage space. You can install customized baskets with the size and number of shelves that you need, depending on what exactly you need to store.

By relying on rear-door space, you can free up valuable shelving space that can completely transform the area, enabling you to keep inner shelving (and floorspace) clear for an attractive, functional look.

Implement a Customized System

Of all of our shelving tips, installing and committing to a unique system that works for your home is crucial to success. Your system doesn’t need to look like a friend or family member’s, so long as it helps you stay organized.

Base this implementation on what you keep on the shelves. This goes back to our other home organization tip we mentioned in organizing your items before placing them back in the storage areas.

You can also use things like baskets and organizers on your shelving. After all, it’s your storage space, and you can use as many assistive methods as you like.

Analyze Frequency and Quantity

How frequently you use an item from your shelving can help you determine whether or not you should store an article in a basket, or if it might need its very own, unique storage method.

Some homeowners will store clothes like socks or underwear into a big basket because they use them every day. You can also apply this to pantry spaces as well, storing items into bins or canisters for quick and easy, albeit organized, and aesthetically pleasing access.

Shelving Tips and Home Organization from Stone International

Organizing your home doesn’t necessarily mean fitting everything in like a game of Tetris or picking up a ton of premade containers from The Container Store. If your home doesn’t possess the requisite space for new additions, your system will likely fail. Similarly, just because an area looks neat and tidy, doesn’t mean that everyone in the home can maintain it, or that it provides functionality at all.

Shelving Tips

To learn more about home organization and our shelving tips, take a look at our blog or contact Stone International today about our closet and kitchen fixtures and how they can help you!