Make Your Kitchen a Puppy-Wonderland While Keeping It Modern & Accessible! Here Is A Guide

Make Your Kitchen a Puppy-Wonderland While Keeping It Modern & Accessible! Here Is A Guide

Popular Modern Bathrooms and Kitchens

Having a puppy in the house is fun for the whole family, and making sure it’s properly cared for and protected is essential. Having a puppy around can sometimes be a hassle. They try to chew anything they see and leave behind a mess that you’re forced to clean. Our team will keep that in mind when designing your remodel, so your kitchen or bathroom can be safe while also being functional.

If you’ve been holding off on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, there’s no better time to get started than right now! With the holiday season quickly approaching, making your home more friendly for your guests and pets is a great way to start.

At Stone International, our Popular Modern Bathrooms and Kitchens will transform your home!


Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Here are some puppy-friendly designs for Popular Modern Bathrooms and kitchens!

Built-in feeder: A great way to save space and prevent messes is to incorporate your puppy’s water and food station into a cabinet in your kitchen! This allows you to keep it out of sight when unused and save floor spacing, which is a precious commodity. Our cabinets are custom-made from 100% high-quality wood, so we can design them however you like. Your friends and family will love to see that your puppy has its own cabinet in your home.

Hide cords: Puppies are always on the lookout for the next thing to chew on, and you don’t want that to be your electrical cords. If you use a lot of appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, being able to keep electrical cords out of your puppy’s reach is essential. Our team can design wooden cabinets to have a space to hide cords so you won’t have to worry about your puppy chewing on them when you’re not looking.

Trash cabinet: Has your puppy been exploring the trash can? Prevent that from happening anymore by moving your trash cans to a closed cabinet they can’t open! Doing that allows you to create more space around your kitchen or bathroom and is visually appealing because no one wants to look at your trash when they’re at your house.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

At Stone International, Popular Modern Bathrooms and kitchens are our specialties. Whether you’ve just gotten a new puppy or feel like remodeling your home, we can help you create a design that will make your home more functional and beautiful. If you’re expecting guests for the holidays, surprise them with a brand new space to enjoy!

Following a budget is important, and it’s easy to do that with our competitive prices. We import and create all of our products in-house, which allows us to offer them at wholesale prices that are up to 20% cheaper than the competition. With us, your budget will go further than you thought it would.

Get started on your remodel just in time for the holidays by calling us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here to schedule a free in-home estimate!

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