Quick Kitchen Remodel in Cutler Bay

Makeover Your Kitchen Fast with These Ideas from Stone International

With most properties, the kitchen represents the heart of the home. This is the room we spend the most time outside of the bedroom (and maybe the bathroom). For this reason, the kitchen deserves for you to think of it as the star of the show.

Our team from Stone International wants to provide some easy, inexpensive kitchen makeover ideas for a quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay. We hope that these pointers can help you save on a remodel that might cost you up to thousands of dollars.

Some Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Painting Cabinets

Our first pointer for a quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay is changing out your cabinetry. Unless your home already reflects high-quality wood cabinets, you can paint or refinish them. The modern home improvement market offers so many paint and glaze combinations you could use, and the varieties remain seemingly endless.

All you need to do is clean the cabinets well, sand them down, prime them, and then refinish them. This is quite a bit of work; however, it is worth it in the end. You simply need a couple of cans of pain to capitalize on a huge reward!

Change Cabinet Doors

If you want to achieve a quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay, try changing out the cabinet doors. You might think it’s too much work to repaint the entirety of your cabinet fixtures, and that’s okay.

Remove a door or two entirely before painting the inside of the cabinet a coordinating color. You can even leave the doors off for trend-setting open shelving. Adding in some inexpensive lighting to the underside of the shelves is also a great way to cultivate a unique, attractive aesthetic.

Additionally, homeowners sometimes opt to cut out some wood paneling and implement some fabric or wire mesh. With fabric, this creates a “homey” vibe while wire mesh is ideal for an industrial feel.

Add a Coat of Paint to Old Kitchen Walls

Let’s face it, cabinets take up a tone of wall space. You may think that painting the kitchen won’t make that much of a difference. Nevertheless, a new coat of paint in the kitchen space can set off an entire mood.

Many kitchens impart a utilitarian, sterile feeling. By choosing a medium, warm tone, you can instill some warmth to the area. You may also select brighter, wilder tones without overwhelming the room because you’re painting such a minute space. This is a very fast and affordable way to help you achieve a quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay.

Vinyl Floors? Paint Those Too!

A fresh finish on a vinyl floor can help you cultivate some truly beautiful final results. However, it is essential that you ensure the elimination of kitchen traffic for several days while you do the job.

First, you must strip the floor down of any wax or residue. Home improvement stores offer primers made exclusively for non-porous surfaces like vinyl flooring. These products typically dry overnight, enabling a relatively quick turnaround on the start of your project.

Some homeowners also elect to use painter’s tape to mask off patterns or create an appearance of implied grout lines. Once you complete the refinishing, you can finish it all off with a few coats of polyurethane to guarantee your good work lasts for a long time.

The best part of this method to help your quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay is that when the surface starts looking a bit dull, you only need to apply a new coat of polyurethane for a fresh finish. You can also utilize this technique on laminate countertops as well!

Administer Finishing Touches

We all think of the kitchen as a practical area. Nonetheless, accessories and other small additions represent the jewels of any kitchen space. Hang up some pretty plates, signage, or even a rustic plaque to adorn the walls. For a touch of the outdoors, you can also bring in some greenery or other plants.

As you make your way through your affordable, quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay, don’t forget about the fridge. What accessory is more special than beautiful drawings from a child or grandchild to show off to visitors and friends?

A Quick Kitchen Remodel in Cutler Bay from Stone International

We designed these ideas with cost-effectiveness in mind, so you have no more excuses. To learn more about how to achieve a new kitchen renovation quickly and affordably, contact Stone International today about a quick kitchen remodel in Cutler Bay!