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Have a Three Week Deadline? Stone International Can Deliver!

Quick Kitchen Remodel

Do you need a Quick Kitchen Remodel service, but also have a tight deadline? Maybe you are short on time or have some kind of obligation to get things done in a certain amount of time. To a lot of our customers, this seems to be quite an interesting concept because it is not anything they have seen before. Our Stone International team works in such a seamless, unique way when it comes to Quick Kitchen Remodel. There are always a few companies out there who will claim to do it, but we really show through. Stone International is truly a game changer in the world of kitchen remodeling.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling Miami, Florida

In the year 2004, Stone International arrived in South Florida, where it all started, with the following simple concept in kitchen design: the best quality would involve natural materials at wholesale prices being fully installed into your home within the shortest possible time. This typically means that in less than a week, an entire new kitchen, including wood cabinets and granite countertops, could be designed and installed in our client’s house. We back the quality of our products with exceptional customer service and our commitment to our clients. It is what makes us the best at what we do.

Kitchen Design and Remodeling Professionals

Here at Stone International, our team is made of professional individuals who are both highly qualified and fully committed to you. Up until today, we have continued to remain a strong, family run company. We offer a complete design service, beginning from the initial measurement, to 3-D computer generated drawings, and lastly to the fabrication and installation of a dream kitchen. We have several store locations that include Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. For the absolute best Quick Kitchen Remodel, call us today at (786) 930-4722 or email info@stoneintl.net for more information.


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