Your Remodeling Plans Don't Have to Break The Bank

affordable new kitchen remodel

Your Remodeling Plans Don’t Have to Break The Bank

An Affordable New Kitchen Doesn’t Need to Cost you a Fortune

Have you ever wondered how much a kitchen remodel would cost? Unfortunately, the answer is not simple and varies from space to space. However, you should prepare yourself because the average kitchen renovation project reaches into the lower 20,000s. This is roughly the price of a compact family car today. A major kitchen remodeling may cost double this, averaging in the $50,000 range.

Although such an exorbitant expenditure remains worth it for some, many homeowners don’t want to spend this much on high-end changes. Nevertheless, an affordable new kitchen doesn’t need to break the bank, and also doesn’t mean sacrificing on style or aesthetics.

Your friends from Stone International can show you some pointers on how to remodel your kitchen in a budget-friendly way. We can teach you some tips on saving on an affordable new kitchen in each aspect from the floors to the cabinets.

Budgeting for an Affordable New Kitchen

Any kitchen renovation budget involves tracking costs off many different projects. This could include anything from installing a new sink or cabinet hardware, to how much a new floor will cost. The total cost of a kitchen remodel depends on your kitchen’s size, how many updates you want to make, your material choices, and the work that a contracting specialist will handle.

The good news is that this means you can decrease the overall cost by selecting budget-friendly materials or fixture options like countertops and wholesale cabinets. You may even discover throughout that many options remain entirely DIY options.

Kitchen cabinets generally make up the largest portion of a kitchen renovation budget. This means that they additionally remain one of the most critical areas to budget wisely when planning an affordable new kitchen.

While we always recommend seeking out a quality, wholesale cabinet supplier like our team at Stone International, the cost of cabinets will depend on the number of linear feet you require. The type of cabinets you choose will also affect your affordable new kitchen budget.

The key is budgeting realistically. Ensure that you leave some wiggle room for any potential additional costs, such as a contractor’s fees. If you select Stone International for your fixtures, we offer free installation with every purchase, continuing to pass on savings, and benefit your overall budget.

Savings on your Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops from Stone International

Countertop costs additionally make up a large percentage of kitchen remodeling budgets. Many options exist regarding new countertops; however, you should ensure you select something that lasts. The cost will vary by material and installation difficulty.

Stone International represents a leading supplier of quartz and granite countertops in the South Florida community. We work with every major stone dealer in the area, enabling us to stock and provide a wide selection of countertop options for our clients.

Our team also wields many locations across the United States. We conduct business on a national level when our clients’ needs arise. By importing our cabinet and countertop fixtures, we pass savings onto our clients with wholesale or “cheap” products. Fortunately, cheap doesn’t refer to quality in these instances. We only provide the best possible options for an affordable new kitchen.

For more information on how Stone International can help with an affordable new kitchen remodel, contact our dedicated, professional team today!

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