Top Cabinet Company in Hollywood

How to Find the Right Cabinet Company for Your Needs

You spent the time dreaming and planning on remodeling your home. The last thing you want to experience a mishandling of this vision due to an inferior company or product. Unfortunately, this situation can take place if you don’t take the necessary time to seek out a top cabinet company in Hollywood.

This provider will execute your vision while designing, creating, and installing cabinet fixtures within your home. Stone International wants to share the following tips that might make the difference between the cabinets of your dreams, or an exorbitant expenditure on pure disappointment.

Ask Around for Company Referrals

Asking around to family and friends about how they feel regarding their cabinet fixtures is a great way to uncover the top cabinet company in Hollywood. If you know someone in the South Florida area who recently underwent a remodel or new construction work, reach out and find out who they used. When customers feel satisfied, they will gladly pass on the good experience to another individual.

Consider Credentials

Once you reach out for a proper referral, make a list of the companies you’re considering for your home remodel. Go through this list and do some initial research on these companies. Make sure that your companies possess all the necessary licenses and certifications from any professional associations.

These can outline valid, potentially successful providers. You may also want to look for a top cabinet company in Hollywood that invests in continued education in their industry. To determine this, you can check if they passed tests to earn specific certifications.

Check References

Always ask your potential new renovating company or contractor for references. However, this is about more than simply inquiring. Make sure that you follow up, and ensure that the provider completed jobs specifically the way you want them done.

Simply saying that they feel satisfied is not enough information from prior clients. Ask how the company did to execute the project plan. Additionally, find out if they worked well in a timeline and within a budget.

If your remodeling project maintains a strict budget, you won’t want a company who imparts difficulties regarding completing a job on time. You should also seek out information on the materials or products that the provider uses in its project spaces.

Meet Designers and Installers Face to Face

You can gain a plethora of information and insight simply by looking at a company’s website. You should also speak with them over the phone. However, to feel truly confident that you found the top cabinet company in Hollywood, you should meet them in person.

Meeting face to face with a cabinet company will help you rest assures that they possess the ability to transform your dream space into a reality. They should competently answer any of your questions in a way that puts you at ease. If you feel off about an initial meeting, take this as a sign that the relationship is not meant to be.

Sign on the Dotted Line

A significant number of contracting companies will talk a big game about everything they can offer you. Nonetheless, they may feel reluctant to put this offer down on paper. This should serve as a substantial red flag concerning your home renovation project.

Scrutinize any contract for as long as you need before finalizing the selection. Ensure that the legally-binding agreement includes every necessary feature. This might include a bid price, payment schedule, as well as the specifics about your project’s scope. If everything seems on the up and up, you can sign on the line with confidence. Your top cabinet company in Hollywood will get the job done!

Stone International – Top Cabinet Company in Hollywood

Always remember that when you seek out a cabinet company, you not only purchase their services but likely a product as well. Their quality of service determines the quality of your entire renovation. For this reason, finding the top cabinet company in Hollywood, or anywhere in South Florida remains vital.

Simply asking around about Stone International will likely numerous satisfied reports from prior customers. This is mainly due to our longtime status in the South Florida community, in addition to our commitment to preeminent customer service in any transaction.

Our team works towards offering clients the best quality product at an affordable price. Our team only utilizes real wood materials originating from maple or basswood. While other companies may offer more affordable selections, these typically incorporate inferior materials like pressboard that degrade more swiftly than quality wood products.

Your search for the top cabinet company in Hollywood is going to involve persistence, the right leg-work, and some adept social skills. Nevertheless, once you finally find a supplier you can work with, you’ll discover that this effort was worth all the trouble in both the final product, as well as your wallet.

Stone International considers ourselves one of the preeminent cabinetry suppliers in all the United States. However, we choose to base our operations in the South Florida community. Nevertheless, we extend our services on a national level, providing the same quality customer service wherever we operate.

For more information on cabinet selections, as well as our status as a top cabinet company in Hollywood, contact our dedicated design and installation staff today. We want to show you the difference between interacting with a company like Stone International, and just another cabinet provider.