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What to Look for from a Top Cabinet Company in Pinecrest

It is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by looking at the numerous different cabinet options on the market today. A cabinetry showroom generally imparts glistening flooring, as well as perfect cabinets, and countertops free from the typical day-to-day clutter.

These display cabinets will remain free of scratches and dings, in addition to any dishes cramming up the shelves — the first time you open and close the drawers or doors on a cabinet fixture you may be sold. Regrettably, despite you thinking you purchased a fixture that will last a lifetime, many providers will offer you a dressed up crate that you may only possess in your home for a decade.

High-quality kitchen cabinets should appear stunning, as well as offer functional, easy-to-use storage. Their materials will last at least 20 to 30 years. However, many homeowners elect to choose cheaper options that degrade far sooner than this.

Inferior cabinets may impart crooked doors, sagging drawers, loose hinges, warping boxed, and even scratches and dents on their faces. This occurs due to low-quality cabinet construction. Low-quality cabinets result in functional and aesthetic issues, and also unexpected costs in maintenance.

A top cabinet company in Pinecrest like Stone International will make their cabinets like a fine piece of furniture. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to look for. For this reason, your friends from Stone International want to provide some information to outline what you should look for in the top cabinet company in Pinecrest.

All-Wood Construction

The best cabinet boxes wield construction from the best materials. Inferior builders will utilize materials like particle or pressboard. Unfortunately, these materials can easily deteriorate as time goes on, additionally not standing up well to heat, moisture, and other byproducts of regular use.

A top cabinet company in Pinecrest will employ plywood materials. For example, Stone International uses all wood in the construction of our entire cabinet line. This means plywood sides and backs that help them stay square during transport, as well as over time.

Plywood offers additional holding power with screws and fasteners over particleboard. It can also bear weight for longer periods, providing resilience to damage like blow-outs, dings, and dents.

Soft-Close Hinges and Drawers

Cabinet hinges represent and often neglected facet of a top-quality cabinet. Nevertheless, it remains essential to consider hinges as a door cannot open or close without them. A poor-quality hinge will result in stiff, loose, and even uneven doors. Hinges may also prevent doors from closing and operating properly.

Cabinets from a top cabinet company in Pinecrest will come accompanied with multi-way adjustable hinges, in addition to soft-close features. The soft close mechanism is built into a steel hinge and adjusts in multiple ways to compensate for expansion and contraction during seasonal changes.

Furthermore, a top cabinet company in Pinecrest should also extend soft-close options to drawers as well. High-quality glides remain essential to support a smooth and silent movement of cabinet drawers as time goes on even under hard use.

The more weight a drawer may carry, the greater the chance of a problem occurring with drawer glides. Weak glides can result in sagging, loose, and even stuck cabinet drawers.

Dovetail Construction

Homeowners may experience a variety of problems due to cheap, inferior drawer construction. If you notice your old drawers bending or bowing, this is a sign of a low-quality drawer box. Drawer boxes and joints typically serve as the first thing that falls apart with lower-end cabinet fixtures.

A top cabinet company in Pinecrest will offer drawers with dovetail construction. Lesser-quality options secure their drawers with staples, glue, and notched butt joints. These do not provide the strength that a dovetail joint can provide.

In a dovetail joint, the cabinet provider notches the wood in the drawer box with teeth. They then assemble the drawer so that the sides meet with these teeth interlocking in a dovetail joint. This enables the drawer’s overall strength to originate from the wood itself.

Stone International – Top Cabinet Company in Pinecrest

Kitchen design and cabinetry are often complicated. Customers always look for the best price to compare, trying to recreate design work performed by custom kitchen designers. Unfortunately, many cabinet companies don’t make it any easier on them either. The cabinet industry sometimes intentionally makes shopping for the right fixtures very confusing.

For anyone wanting to achieve their dream kitchen, it is a far better idea to shop for a top cabinet company in Pinecrest, as opposed to focusing on specific cabinet lines. Learning a lot from a designer in a short amount of time is a good sign while you educate yourself on what to value and expect.

Stone International takes pride in our role as a top cabinet company in Pinecrest serving the South Florida community. We like nothing more than hearing from our customers about how much they love their new cabinet fixtures even years down the road.

Our team can help you obtain the hassle-free, easy remodel of your dreams with our provisions. We directly import our lines from China. This enables us to cut out the middleman markup of transport and import fees, passing on the savings to our customers. We also provide free installation with every purchase!

For more information on how we can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted, contact Stone International, a top cabinet company in Pinecrest to learn more today!