Trust Stone International to Help You Select the BEST Hardware for Your Kitchen!

kitchen cabinet hardware

Trust Stone International to Help You Select the BEST Hardware for Your Kitchen!

Tips on Selecting the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

During a kitchen remodel, it is easy to get focused on the larger items. After all, your cabinetry and countertops remain extremely important. However, your project is not fully complete until you select the right kitchen cabinet hardware that seamlessly balances both form and function.

This finishing touch will help you tie your entire project together, and can imbue your renovation with some personal flair. Luckily, kitchen cabinet hardware provisions come in numerous different types, styles, materials, and finishes.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t easy with many options to choose from. Stone International can help you make this choice by imparting some information concerning the best kitchen cabinet hardware to suit your needs!

Choose the Right Color and Finish

We recommend stripping your fixtures down to the undertones, metaphorically of course. Any non-color matched hardware will steal the show in a newly remodeled kitchen. For this reason, this offers an excellent opportunity to impart a bold look.

For cabinets with warm tones, gold, black, and bronze finishes remain ideal. With cold grey cabinet fixtures, choose silver, pewter, black, or stainless. You should also make a note of any unique lighting aesthetics, as well as appliances and other metal accents in the room. Just like matching belts and accessories in fashion, you should stick the same tones in regards to your kitchen accents.

It is never a bad idea to sample your options as well. This can help you observe how the kitchen cabinet hardware looks installed. Many times, manufacturers even offer modeling software or will ship you samples to ensure you obtain the best possible look.

Although it is not essential to match hardware with décor in the room, you should still think about coordinating colors and tones. You can achieve flow from room to room by coordinating your finishes, even in small accents like kitchen cabinet hardware. It is far more pleasing to see variety as opposed to an identical canvas from room to room.

Decide on Pulls or Knobs

No rules about pulls vs. knobs exist. Instead, this decision is more about preference, as well as how each type will match your intended design. Knob hardware is typically less expensive. Additionally, they are easier to work with from a design perspective. This is because knob hardware appears less significant to a cabinet’s overall look.

Nevertheless, pull hardware remains less expensive than knobs. Consequently, pulls appear more significant to overall cabinet fixture design, and most homeowners find them more appealing.

When making this decision, satin nickel finishes remain a safe choice for a durable hardware finish. Kitchen cabinet hardware must also feel right. Pulls and knobs with massive overhands or profiles may easily catch on clothing. If your design overshadows your kitchen design, it is too large.

You must also select a hardware provision that you can easily grip. Pulls typically provide a short profile, and this may prove difficult for individuals with larger hands to use. Nothing is more frustrating in the home than non-functional hardware, no matter how impressive an aesthetic.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware from Stone International

Customers know our company due to our kitchen and bath cabinet provisions. However, we also provide a comprehensive hardware selection that can perfectly complement any of our cabinet selections. When you need help selecting hardware for a kitchen remodel, Stone International is the provider to contact.

For more information on our kitchen renovation offerings, contact the professional team from Stone International today!

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