Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Coral Gables

Modern Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Does your kitchen need some improvements? Unfortunately, this represents many homeowners that simply cannot afford a costly remodel. Luckily, with wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables from Stone International, there is a very helpful alternative option.

If you want to find low-cost solutions to update your kitchen space, Stone International wants to share some tips to help you. Not only can we offer affordable, quality cabinet provisions, but we additionally take pride in educating our potential and existing customers on all of their options.

Set a budget and STICK TO IT

Kitchen remodeling in any capacity is an expensive endeavor. Even when you enlist wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables, kitchen redesign is still a substantial investment. Setting a budget that you can adhere to relatively comfortable is crucial to success in the end.

It’s so easy in the beginning to start listing out everything that you want. However, despite many of these ideas sounding great at first, even the smallest change comes accompanied by a price tag. If you really want a remodeling budget to work for you, stay committed to any figure that you set for yourself.

Before you contact a kitchen remodeling professional, you should understand what you want, as well as how much you can spend. After all, a kitchen made of gold may reside in your dreams, however, this likely reflects a design that you cannot afford.

Determine your most important changes

We recommend cultivating a simple pros and cons list to determine what transformations demonstrate significant importance. What do you want your space to look like? Do you need an additional or different function?

As you create your wish list, you can begin ranking these items by personal importance. If you need help with this step, a kitchen design team like Stone International can help you fine-tune your goals.

Work with a professional individual or company

Stone International takes pride in guiding their customers from start to finish. We don’t simply reflect installers equipped with tool belts. We look at our professional staff more similar to interior design experts.

Although we do construct and provide wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables, we also offer design and installation products throughout every step of a remodel. This enables us to take part during the earliest phases while we work within your budget to help you accomplish a variety of goals.

Due to our vast experience in the industry, we will help you with creative and affordable design options that will help you optimize and customize your new space.

Remodel your kitchen. Don’t let it remodel you.

Planning for a kitchen renovation may take months depending on your vision. Once your chosen professional begins implementing your plans, you may feel very excited. You certainly thought about your flooring, cabinets, etc. However, did you consider the living situation during the remodel?

Many homeowners come into Stone International with a clear vision for the future of the heart of their home. Nevertheless, they often forget the accompanying downtime regarding kitchen renovations. We recommend planning and setting up a mobile kitchen in another area of your home.

Despite the refrigerator serving as a marker for the kitchen in most homes, you can still place some nonperishable foods and other items in an enclosed storage area in the room you choose for your temporary cook-space.

Some additional good news is that by selecting a professional for your installation, you gain a swift and efficient process that can help you survive your remodeling endeavor hassle-free. For example, with wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables from Stone International, we offer the fastest turnaround and installation time in the industry.

Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Coral Gables from Stone International

Kitchen remodeling often serves as the most significant financial decision in many homeowners’ lives. For this reason, proper planning, a budget, and enlisting a qualified professional remain crucial facets to an optimal outcome.

Stone International represents a vital resource for homeowners in the South Florida community that want to renovate and remodel their homes. However, we can also extend our preeminent commitment to customer satisfaction on a national level when customer needs arise.

We take pride in providing wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables for an affordable price. While many people make a connotation with the words “wholesale” and “cheap”, we assure you this means nothing beyond pricing.

In fact, our company utilizes only the best, all-wood materials to provide customers with fixtures that truly last a lifetime. Our wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables reflect preeminent quality.

We began a family-owned company, and remain a family-operated cabinet provider to this day. For this reason, we understand family, as well as the importance of the kitchen as the heart of any home. We additionally view our customers as an extension of our own family. This ensures that we offer them the best pricing, best quality, and best service they will find anywhere in the cabinet design and installation industries.

For more information on our wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables, in addition to how our professional design and installation teams can help with your kitchen remodeling project, contact the Stone International team today!

It doesn’t matter if you envision a rustic or modern kitchen design. We can offer you a preeminently priced, top-quality wholesale cabinet as the best possible solution for your needs.