Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Doral

wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral

What to Look for in a Top Quality Cabinet

A high-quality kitchen cabinet should appear stunning while providing functional and easily utilized storage. The best cabinets last for at least twenty or thirty years. Unfortunately, many homeowners begin experiencing problems much sooner than this.

Many modern cabinet makers utilize cheaper materials to save on cost. As a result, a number of people start enduring nagging problems like crooked doors, sagging drawers, scratched or dented faces, loose hinges, as well as warping cabinet boxes. This occurs due to low-quality cabinet manufacturing.

A poorly manufactured cabinet will not only lead to aesthetic and function problems for its owner, but it might also result in high costs regarding both installation and maintenance. To prevent this from happening to you, it remains important to select a manufacturer that commits to offering their clients top quality wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral.

Designers create the absolute best quality kitchen cabinets similar to a fine piece of furniture. However, even the most devoted homeowner to their kitchen may not know what to look for when purchasing a new kitchen cabinet fixture. Additionally, what they should look for is also typically hidden from plain view.

Your friends from Stone International want to help readers that seek the best possible cabinet for their needs. No homeowner should endure prematurely dealing with a kitchen remodel due to a manufacturer misstep. To shop wisely and avoid potential issues down the road, the following characteristics reflect what you should look for.

All-Wood Construction

Manufacturers commonly construct cabinet boxes from plywood or particleboard. The absolute best kitchen cabinets boast plywood sides and backs. This helps them stay square during transport, as well as installation. An ideally square cabinet fixture also can adequately handle the weight of a heavy countertop and resist damage from moisture.

Nevertheless, manufacturers also utilize pressboard or particleboard in modern construction. This is a less expensive alternative to real plywood. This material is vulnerable to moisture damage, as well as crushing. They can also result in blowouts at screw and joint pressure points.

Plywood offers substantial holding power in screw, fastener, and glue points. The material is far more durable under these circumstances than pressboard. Additionally comprised of wood lawyers that run lengthwise and crosswise, this design makes the material much more durable than typical pressboard.

Manufacturers produce pressboard by pressurizing wood particles together at a high temperature with glue. A benefit of this material outside of cost is its resiliency to expansion or contraction under different temperature conditions. However, the material is more vulnerable to moisture and collision damage than plywood.

The wood particles in particleboard are heavy. This results in a situation where the final product does not possess the same strength per square foot as better materials. Sagging cabinet shelve common result as an indicator of deteriorating particleboard materials.

Soft-Close Hinges and Drawer Glides

Cabinet hinges remain an important component to any quality, wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral. You cannot open or close a door without them, and a poor hinge can result in issues with doors becoming loose, uneven, or simply not shutting.

Quality hinges impart soft close mechanisms built into their construction. The best possible cabinet hinge is made of nickel-plated, hardened steel, and is adjustable in six ways. These components enable adjustment as cabinet doors expand or contract with the changing seasons.

Hinges additionally must stand up against constant and consistent use. Cabinet manufacturers may utilize thousands of hinges in their fixtures. It is important that you remain aware of any cabinet manufacturer that uses a low-end hinge, or a hinge that imparts only four-way adjustability. A quality cabinet manufacturer will also back their products with a lifetime guarantee.

The best wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral also provide customers with high-quality draw glides. These components serve as critical facets to support smooth and silent cabinet drawer movement over a number of years of potentially hard use.

The more weight that a cabinet drawer carries, the greater need for heavy-duty glides. A weak or inferior glide could result in sagging, loose, and stuck cabinet drawers.

Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Doral from Stone International

Kitchen renovations serve as an extremely popular home improvement method. However, it additionally reflects one of the most expensive investments for homeowners. As a result of this potentially exorbitant cost, you should take the proper time to research your options before making this investment.

Selecting Stone International for your kitchen remodeling needs is a prudent idea, as our company commits to offering clients quality, for the most affordable price possible.

Our wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral offer customers only the best in quality. We utilize high-quality maple or basswood, as well as plywood constructed boxes. No cabinet from our company contains any pressboard whatsoever.

We take pride in representing a vital resource for homeowners within the South Florida community. Our goal is to help them achieve their most preeminent dreams for a kitchen remodeling project. While we may base our business in South Florida, we additionally extend these services on a national level with locations all over the United States.

Stone International began operating in South Florida as a family-owned company over 20 years ago. We remain a family-operated company to this day. For more information on wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Doral from our company, contact our dedicated design and installation team today. We wield the experience and the quality product to help make your kitchen dreams a reality.

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