5 Ways to Protect Your Countertops from Holiday Spills

Protecting Your Countertops

5 Ways to Protect Your Countertops from Holiday Spills

Holiday Spills and Thrills – Avoiding Stains on Countertops

Most kitchens serve as multipurpose spaces. Especially during the buzz of the holiday seasons, when the kitchen gets used for far more than just cooking. Families may spend hours and hours in the kitchen, performing a variety of activities that range from cooking and eating to arts, crafts, and other family-oriented activities.

Due to the consistency and variety of uses for a kitchen space, it remains seemingly inevitable that some holiday spills may occur. Anything from a wine or food spill to more serious blemishes like a knife scratch and impart a potential disaster without swift action.

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to offer some insight into protecting your countertops from potential ruin this holiday season.

What to do to Prevent Stains on Countertops

No matter the countertop material, you should never let any holiday spills sit for too long. Things like grease and cooking oil may harden or stick to surfaces when allowed to dry. To make cleaning stains on countertops as easy as possible, it remains best to clean things right away. Nonetheless, here are some tips for different countertop materials:


Granite countertops originate from the igneous rock. This stone’s natural properties and wide range of colors and finishes make it an extremely popular choice for countertops in modern design.

Although granite is exceptionally durable, it is important not to utilize acidic cleaning products or anything vinegar-based for cleaning. These materials can damage granite. Stone International recommends relying on warm water, some soap, as well as a wet sponge or soft cloth for optimal surface cleaning.


Quartz represents an exceptionally tough material. As a result, the surfaces remain resistant to scratches, stains, and scorches. The surface finalization involves polishing, helping to prevent stains on countertops. Unfortunately, like granite and other materials, it is crucial to avoid allowing stains to set in.

To clean the surface while simultaneously protecting your countertops against permanent damage, use mild household cleaners. Avoid hard cleansers while applying cleaners with a nonabrasive cleaning pad or sponge for stubborn holiday spills.


Wood countertop surfaces are beautiful and luxurious. However, this material also remains more fragile than stone. Ensure that you wipe up any holiday spills quickly to prevent permanent staining. You must additionally keep the countertops as dry as possible.

Stone International recommends protecting your countertops by applying linseed or mineral oil. These materials can help protect the countertop surfaces from moisture. With dry counters, you can even boil linseed oil and rub it in with a fine steel wool pad.


Marble is an exceptionally porous material when compared with granite and quartz countertops. Stone International suggests treating marble stone with specialized stone sealers to help reduce this porosity. Abrasive cleaners will scar the surface of a marble material. Similarly, oils and soft waxed can discolor it as well.

Additionally, you must wipe up wine, fruit juice, and other acidic holiday spills immediately in order to prevent stains on countertops, in addition to permanent surface etching.

Protecting Your Countertops

Information on Protecting Your Countertops from Holiday Spills from Stone International

These only represent a few examples and recommendations on ways to protect from stains on countertops. It remains important to remember that not every solution applies to every countertop slab.

To learn more about cleaning countertops and the best ways to keep them looking great throughout the holiday season and all year long, visit our blog or contact Stone International today!