New Year, New Kitchen! What Colors Are in for 2020

Kitchen Trends in 2020

New Year, New Kitchen! What Colors Are in for 2020

Stay Ahead of the Curve with These Kitchen Color Ideas!

Kitchen remodeling offers you the opportunity to create your dream space for cooking entertaining. Making simple upgrades, like changing your kitchen color or installing an elegant set of beautiful wood kitchen cabinets in Miami, are as affordable as ever!

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to share our favorite kitchen color ideas and other kitchen trends in 2020. Read on to learn more about how you can affordably make your kitchen look it’s absolute best!

Kitchen Color Ideas in the New Year

White cabinetry is a classic look. Although this classic aesthetic will likely never go out of style, there are many modern kitchen remodeling ideas in 2020 to inspire you to create a unique, good-looking kitchen space. These are our favorite kitchen color ideas that Stone International sees trending as the calendar turns over.

Natural Wood Tones

Stained and painted wood has long represented a favorite amongst homeowners for their kitchen surfaces. However, more and more, we see homeowners opting for wood tones in their natural state.

Kitchen trends in 2020 will likely continue to increase this popular option with kitchen islands with natural wood tones, if even just on the island topper. Brown and beautiful wood kitchen cabinets in Miami can also bring some warmth to virtually any kitchen space.

Textured Tones

Some homeowners remain resistant to loud pops of color. In these situations, remodelers should focus on mixing up their finishes. Mixing natural or rustic tones like brass hinges and pulls with bright white or marble countertops can blend looks for a truly unique kitchen aesthetic.

Hints of Bright Colors

We mentioned earlier that white cabinets never quite go out of style. However, you don’t necessarily need to scrap the white look entirely to keep up with the kitchen trends in 2020. 

By utilizing smaller pops of color, you can dip your toes into the color pool for a mild transformation as opposed to completely remodeling the entire feel. One way to achieve this look is to install elements like colorful pottery, or even some furniture that ties the room together.

Rustic Copper Elements

Rustic copper tones and vintage, reclaimed wood looks seem always to be favorite looks. These natural, homey elements serve as the perfect complement to beautiful wood kitchen cabinets in Miami homes and can provide even the most modern kitchen a matched, farmhouse look!

Kitchen Trends in 2020

Kitchen Color Ideas and Trends in 2020 from Stone International

Our kitchens represent the heart of our home. Because we spend so much time in our kitchen, many homeowners put much thought into remodeling choices. Whether it is selecting colors and backsplashes tor their appliances and sinks, homeowners like to take their time and review all the options. Even a subtle alteration like adding new decorative hardware can provide some softness to a modern kitchen space. 

For this reason, our team from Stone International takes pride in assisting South Florida homeowners through information and direct provision in helping their kitchen dreams come true.

With a variety of new kitchen ideas popping up each and every year, it is easier than ever for you to install some unique and innovative designs into your home remodel. To learn more about the new kitchen trends in 2020, contact our dedicated team from Stone International today!