Five Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovations for the New Year!

Budget Kitchen Remodel

Five Budget Kitchen Remodel for the New Year!

The Everywhere Kitchen Trends for 2020

Kitchen remodeling projects offer homeowners the chance to create the cooking, hosting, and serving spaces that they always dreamed of and can finally afford. With a budget kitchen remodel, homeowners actually have more options than ever before to the benefit of their kitchen space.

Cabinetry takes up a significant amount of real estate in the kitchen landscape. When you need an affordable new kitchen in Miami, affordable kitchen cabinets represent the ideal starting spot. After all, these fixtures possess the power to help the space look stylish and modern, or potentially cultivate an outdated or worn look

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to share our favorite budget-friendly kitchen renovations for the 2020 year. With these trends in your pocket, you can create a truly amazing kitchen space for an affordable price, all while staying on-trend.

Bring Back Color

For the last five or six years, monochromatic tones continued to dominate the kitchen design industry. White or black kitchens will maintain their classic looks in many homes all across the country in 2020. However, the Stone International team thinks many homeowners will embrace the return of colorful tones in a budget kitchen remodel.

Although colorful cabinet tones often impart a greater cost, home designers now utilize the older black or white look with touches or “pops” of color to instill a bit of unique personality into the aesthetic.

Minimalist Pulls and Handles

Not many designers adhere to a “less is more” motto. However, when it comes to pulls and handles, hidden and unobtrusive looks continue to increase in popularity. This is largely due to understated looks enabling natural woods and finishes to take center stage.

When considering an affordable new kitchen in Miami, organic and no-hardware looks represent an ideal way to save some money on a budget kitchen remodel and draw the eye to affordable kitchen cabinets as opposed to the pulls themselves.

Kitchen Island Trends

Designers shy away from designs that attract attention to kitchen islands. Nonetheless, a functional, more substantial kitchen island is something that remains timeless in kitchen remodeling projects.

Contemporary kitchen islands remain large enough to operate as both an eating and a workspace. For some homeowners, they even elect to utilize a kitchen island as a cooking space as well.

This feature enables visitors, friends, and family members to use the island all at once, providing an alternative to the classic kitchen table look.

Storage is Key

Designs featuring massive wraparound counters with upper cabinets are the days of old. The latest kitchen designs in 2020 will feature larger walls of cabinets and countertops working cohesively for a unified aesthetic.

Space is never undersold and never goes out of style. This is the modern equivalent of a butler’s pantry providing all the space you need for success in a budget kitchen remodel as the calendar turns over.

Timeless Looks and Finishes

Classic, subdued looks are something that never goes out of style. We touched on this earlier featuring the integration of color pops amongst natural, white, and black affordable kitchen cabinets.

Although designs trend towards superior materials like terrazzo, 2020 kitchen remodels will feature modern touches with nods in the direction of classic methods and practices.

Budget Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2020 from Stone International

You can cultivate a trendy, affordable look for your kitchen space in the new year. Contact Stone International today to learn more about how our team can help you with affordable kitchen cabinets as well as an entire affordable new kitchen in Miami!

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