Start the New Year Right by Reorganizing Your Closet

Closet Remodel Ideas

Start the New Year Right by Reorganizing Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet in 2020

A calendar turns to a new year finds many of us committing ourselves to resolutions such as promising to lose weight, reduce debt, and cut out bad habits. Another popular resolution and an easier one to achieve quickly is becoming organized. And when it comes to organization, homeowners can start small. Cleaning out a drawer, closet, or room in your home can reduce stress significantly and leave you feeling more in control of your daily life.

The new year always brings about a desire for a fresh start. To satisfy this feeling efficiently, getting rid of old or unused items is a good step. 

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to share some of our favorite closet organization ideas for 2020. Read on to learn more!

Planning an Easy Closet Remodel

Some homeowners are fortunate to have relatively large closets that might make closet remodel ideas easier to plan. However, this additional space could represent a “catch-all” for unwanted junk.

When it comes to closet reorganization, the same steps apply no matter the size of the closet. The first step towards an easy closet remodel is to determine the amount of hanging and folding space you’ll need in the new closet space. To plan the space out, clean out all existing items, get rid of old, unneeded stuff, and then begin to assess the situation.

Like items should always hang together and face the same direction. Grouping by categories like color, tops and bottoms, and size can also make the closet feel more organized. If necessary, closet companies like Stone International install additional shelving and storage fixtures to ensure the closet provides all the organized space needed.

The Benefits of Closet Organization

You may feel pleased to see your things organized in a neat, grouped fashion. Not only does organizing create satisfaction on a job well done, but it can also reduce stress on a day to day basis.

The best closet organization ideas help to make your life easier. Closet organization can display what colors you possess enough of, and aid to streamline your “getting ready” time every day.

Just think about it, no more scrambling at the last minute on a Monday morning to find the right sweater or work uniform. With closet remodel ideas and organization, the aim is to increase functionality and organization in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Finally, closet remodeling keeps the floor clear and organized as well. Everything will have its place and space, making it easier to keep clothes (and the home) clean.

Closet Remodel Ideas

Easy Closet Remodel from Stone International

Although organizing may seem tedious when looking at a storage area in the beginning, ultimately, organizing a closet or wardrobe area will pay off in the long run.

Being organized enables you to notice any gaps in your wardrobe while also helping efficiency and proactivity in life, as well as when shopping for new clothing. You may realize you don’t need a cozy new black sweater because you already have two! Nevertheless, closet organization can help you determine that you’re running low on winter clothes like pants or jeans.

When you commit to closet organization ideas, your closet will be put together to help your routine and life run smoother.

Commit to a realistic New Year’s Resolution and work on reorganizing and remodeling your closet in 2020. To learn more about an easy closet remodel from Stone International, contact our team today!