Trending Bathroom Designs for 2020

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Trending Bathroom Designs for 2020

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Look for in the New Year!

Home improvement is a billion-dollar industry, additionally representing a significant stimulation for the housing industry on the whole. Whether people are investing in remodeling homes for resale or investing money into improving their own homes, the home improvement market is strong, especially here in Miami and South Florida.  When it comes to the home improvement product choices, the options are endless. There is a product in today’s market for every property owner.

Modernizing a bathroom to increase value and design remains one of the most popular home renovation projects. Sometimes it is as easy as updating vanity tops in Miami home to create a modern look. In other cases, seeking out the best bathroom vanity installation for an entire remodel is a better choice.

Remodeling is not something homeowners usually want to do each year. As a capital- and labor-intensive project, homeowners tend to want a design that will stand the test of time for at least a decade, if not more. Identifying the right materials can sometimes be a challenge. With several popular trends taking place in the world of bathroom remodels going on each season, our team form Stone International wants to share some of our favorites for 2020.

Biophilic Bathroom Designs

It seems like everything nowadays remains focused on going green. Eco-friendly projects are starting to permeate the home design industry as well. 

Research shows that people demonstrate increased feelings of happiness and serenity when they get exposed to nature. At one time, this meant installing a few houseplants around the home. Nowadays, this means implementing biophilic bathroom features.

This term means an affinity towards nature. However, biophilic designs mean more than simply introducing the color green and other natural shades into a design. Some people create this look by utilizing reclaimed wood, recycled materials, or dedicating their vanity tops in Miami to evergreen elements.

Space Saving Solutions

In many parts of America (Miami is no exception), space has quickly become a luxury. This is in part because of growing urbanization in metropolitan areas. For this reason, space-saving measures never go out of style.

Unfortunately, as homes get smaller, so too do tiny, utilitarian restrooms. Many homeowners are counteracting this by seeking out the best bathroom vanity installation for more functional and space-saving vanity tops in Miami.

Additionally, homeowners may choose to ditch the classic tub look for walk-in showers to open up floor space and leave added room for a larger, more useful vanity.

A Focus on Simple Décor

The minimalist look is in for multiple areas in home design. Why shouldn’t a homeowner extend this to the most utilitarian area in the entire house?

Glass-walled, open showers direct attention to things like fittings, fixtures, pulls, and handles. Homeowners can find a wide variety of minimalistic designs that create a sterile, elegant aesthetic.

With finishes like black, gold, copper, brushed, and shined metal, a homeowner has all the options they need to create a functional, minimalistic paradise in the bathroom space. Pair this aesthetic with simple-looking vanity tops in Miami and the best bathroom vanity installation at the forefront of the bathroom design.

Vanity Tops Miami

Information on Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2020 from Stone International

The possibilities in bathroom remodeling remain endless. Nonetheless, it always remains important to ensure the entire process is fun and exciting. In need of some additional inspiration for your remodeling project? Stone International can help with the best bathroom vanity installation and design services in the South Florida community.

To learn more, continue to follow along with our blog, or contact our team today!

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