Refresh Your Kitchen with a New Stone

Kitchen Stone

Refresh Your Kitchen with a New Stone

The Benefits of Kitchen Stone Countertops

When considering your next kitchen remodel, should you select natural kitchen stone, vinyl, or some other material for your countertops? This question is often the first one homeowners ask themselves while remodeling their existing home or even constructing a new one.

Although so many remodelers and designers enter the projects with an open mind, when looking at the facts, they quickly fall in love with quartz and granite countertops in Miami. This is largely due to the aesthetics, in addition to any number of benefits that natural kitchen stone can offer.

For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to break down some of our favorite things about natural stone countertop materials like granite, as well as engineered quartz. Read on to learn more.

The Best Kitchen Stone for Your Remodel

In today’s home design market, homeowners possess a wide variety of options for material choices. Many people select engineered stones as one of the most environmentally-sensitive choices they can make.

Engineered stones are an alternative to natural stone cut from pure marble or granite. As a factory-made composite, designers bind crushed stone with an adhesive or resin. Due to a large number of quartz crystals, we can see in these countertops, we simply refer to this material as quartz.

However, for some homeowners, nothing beats the real thing, and granite countertops in Miami never go out of style. The chief reason people elect for natural granite surfaces is primarily a preference for natural materials.

Quartz is virtually natural with a crushed quartz composition of nearly 100 percent. However, quartz is also heavily-processed, taking away from the natural look and feel of granite that can turn off some homeowners and designers.

Finally, with natural kitchen stone like granite, every single slab is unique.

Find the Right Countertop Material for Your Needs

On the surface, it would appear that engineered stone is the winner when considering the benefits of each material for a kitchen renovation. However, this is additionally the more expensive option of the two. This, in conjunction with the unique individuality of granite countertops in Miami, remains notably appealing to many homeowners.

No matter the chosen selection, it is extremely important to consider the budget, as well as specific needs vs. wants for any kitchen remodeling project. The good news is that with a number of benefits to installing and owning these stone materials for kitchen countertops, there really is no wrong decision.

Kitchen Stone

Information on Manufactured Kitchen Stone and Granite Kitchen Countertops in Miami from Stone International

Stone International with our professional team is one of Florida’s leading providers of prefabricated granite slabs, in addition to our renowned cabinet manufacturing, design, and installation business.

We work with virtually every major stone distributor to ensure we carry numerous, affordable slabs right in our warehouse as the perfect pairing for any kitchen renovation. For this reason, we remain a crucial resource for homeowners and designers throughout the South Florida community.

Our commitment to customer services and providing quality products for an affordable price is second to none. To learn more about design and installation for manufactured kitchen stone or granite kitchen countertops in Miami, contact our professional and dedicated team from Stone International today!